Alexa PBI searching 12 people involved in Nusrat murder 

Dhaka, Tuesday   15 October 2019


PBI searching 12 people involved in Nusrat murder 

 Idris Alam

 Published: 04:49 PM, 15 April 2019   Updated: 05:05 PM, 15 April 2019

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Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has found that at least 12 people have been involved directly and indirectly in connection with the murder of Feni’s madrasa student Nusrat Jahan Rafi. 

On Sunday, two prime accused, Nur Uddin and Shahadat Hossain Shamim, mentioned the names of those suspects in the confessional statement made in the court.

Among them, Sonagazi Upazila Awami League President Ruhul Amin’s name has also been mentioned. Most of the remaining students are of Madrasa Alim and Fazil class. Madrasa’s some teachers were also involved in the incident. As a result, 25 people are going to be accused in the Nusrat case, said PBI. 

Zakir Hossain Nur Uddin and Shahadat gave confessional statements to the senior judicial magistrate of Feni District and Sessions Judge Court for 9 hours on Sunday. They described the whole incident in the confessional statement from 3:00 pm to 1:00 am. 

After the statement, at 1:30 am, Taherul Haque Chowhan, Special Investigation and Operation PBI, briefed the media. During this, PBI’s ASP Moniruzzaman, the investigation officer of the case-PBI inspector Md Shah Alam were present. 

ASP Chowhan said, “The two accused gave confessions to the court. They told the whole incident to the court. How the fire has been set, who has done the incident, how the incident has been done, all the details got in the statement.”

“But for the sake of investigation of the case, everything cannot be said right now. The accused confessed the crime. They caused the killings. They received the orders of principal Siraj Ud-Daula from prison,” he also said. 

The PBI official said that so far 13 names of the accused that were involved in the killing, is known. “Apart from this, some names came in the confession. We will confirm their involvement by checking identification and data.” 

Prior to this, 13 accused have been involved in various phases of the killing, said DIG, Banaj Kumar Majumdar, DIG of the PBI police unit. 

Meanwhile, according to sources, after the arrest of Principal Siraj in the case of sexual harassment, with the help of Upazila Awami League leader Ruhul Amin, Nur Uddin and Shahadat started the movement for release of Siraj Ud-Daula. The other accused, Awami League leader and councilor gave Tk 10,000 to them. Besides, another teacher of madrasa gave Tk 5,000 for the movement and killing Nusrat. 

Shahadat, who was directly involved in the murder, said in a confessional statement that after he set fire on Nusrat's body, he ran down and ran out on the north wall. Within minutes, he told Ruhul Amin to set fire on the phone in a safe place. At that time Ruhul Amin said, “I know. You can go away.” 

Shahadat said, “After Nusrat filed case, Ruhul Amin took charge of managing the police station. He also took money from Siraj’s family.”

Referring to rage on Nusrat, Shahadat said in the confessional statement, even a month and a half ago, he offered love to Nusrat. But Nusrat rejected him as well as insulted him. That is why he himself was angry with Nusrat. As a result, he took part in the killing with principal Siraj’s instruction. 

On the other hand, the accused Nur Uddin said he had good relations with Principal Siraj. On April 4, he along with Sahadat Hossain Shamim, Jabed Hossain, Hafez Abdul Quader, and others went to see Sonagazi Islamia Fazil Madrasa principal Siraj Ud-Daula in jail. They wanted the permission of Principal Siraj to give Nusrat a tough sentence because of suing him. At this time Shamim proposed to torch Nusrat. Then the Principal Siraj agreed to it and advised his followers to complete that work.

In his statement, Nur Uddin said that Shamim felt more interested in this. Because he has been rejected and humiliated by Rafi for a long time with the offer of love. He himself was waiting for opportunities for his friend to take revenge on Rafi for a long time.

It is further reported in Nur Uddin’s confession that after receiving the instruction of Ostad (Siraj Ud-Daula), he and his associates held a meeting in the western hostel adjacent to madrasa on April 5. It was planned in the meeting on how to kill Nusrat on secret. Then the next day on April 6, the plan was implemented. However, Nur Uddin claimed that he was not there when the incident occurred. 

According to the plan, madrasa student and principal Siraj’s niece, Umme Sultana Poppy, who took Nusrat to the roof of the building, is the ‘Shampa’ that was mentioned in the Nusrat’s statement before her death. Nur Uddin planned this name to confuse police and Nusrat’s family. During that, Kamrun Nahar Moni was also with her on the roof. She and Hafez Abdul Quader along with the other five were guarding the gate. 

Nur Uddin also said that Principal Siraj Ud-Daula used to sexually harass the girls by various temptations at different times.

Rafi’s elder brother Mahmudul Hassan Noman filed the case with the Sonagazi Model Police Station, mentioning the names of eight people including Principal Siraj Ud-Daula and municipal councilor Maksud Alam. 

On March 27, the police arrested Siraj Ud-Daula, on charges of sexually assaulting Nusrat in his room. Since then he has been in jail. In the incident, Nusrat’s mother Shirin Akhter filed a case with Sonagazi Model Police Station.

Earlier, the PBI arrested Nur Uddin from Bhaluka on April 11 and Shahadat Hossain Shamim from Muktagachha upazila of Mymensingh district on April 12. Nur Uddin is the number 2 accused and Shahadat is the number 3 accused respectively. 

So far 13 people have been arrested in Sonagazi’s Nusrat murder case. Seven people were arrested in addition to the six accused in the case.