Onion to cure nettle rash scars...

Dhaka, Friday   07 May 2021

Onion to cure nettle rash scars

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 Published: 09:32 PM, 21 September 2020   Updated: 09:32 PM, 21 September 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Nettle rash is one of the most common skin diseases which can sometimes cause irritation or itching. The disease is characterized by pale red or brown blisters on the skin. Acne mainly affects the skin on the face, shoulders, hands, and back. Many people feel embarrassed, especially if they have nettle rash scars on their faces.

There are several expensive treatments for nettle rash. However, it is also possible to get rid of the problem in a natural way. Onion is very effective in curing nettle rash scars. Let’s know how to use onion to cure nettle rash scars:

The exfoliating ingredients in onions are very effective in curing cure nettle rash. Cut a large onion in half and massage the affected part of the face at least twice a day. Use it as long as the skin color does not become normal.