Onion likely to surpass last record; Tk 30 kg soared up overnight...

Dhaka, Thursday   29 October 2020

Onion likely to surpass last record; Tk 30 kg soared up overnight

 Md. Abdullah Al Mamun daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 03:06 PM, 15 September 2020  

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The price of domestic onion has gone up by around Tk 30 per kg in one night. On Tuesday morning, one of the largest wholesale markets in the capital, Karwan Bazar, Mirpur and several other markets were visited and it was seen that onions were being sold at Tk 400 to Tk 450 per 5 kg unit. The price of onion imported from India has also gone up overnight. One 5kg unit is being sold at Tk 290 to 300.

The same picture was seen in the raw-market at Mirpur-14. The seller wants Tk90 for 1 kg of onion. When it was asked the why, all the vendors’ reply was same - India has stopped exporting onions. Onions will not come from India so the price is high.

Ismail Hossain, a private official, said the price could go up so I bought a little more. The sellers are asking Tk 90 per kg. But I took 10 kg and paid Tk85 per kg.

He said the price of onion was Tk60 per kg even last night. But then I made a mistake. I have to buy with extra T25 to 30 more in one night.

Yesterday, India officially announced a halt to onion exports. Onions did not arrive from India through the country's three mainland ports during the day on Monday. Later in the night, instructions from the Indian government to stop exports came to the country's importers.

After this incident, the onion market of the capital became unstable since yesterday afternoon. The traders said that the sale of onion has been virtually stopped in several markets of the capital since yesterday afternoon. And at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the yard of Karwan Bazar, the price of domestic onion was Tk 56 per kg, at 6 pm it rose to Tk 60. And in the same market, Indian onion was of Tk42 per kg became Tk 56 at 10 pm.