Onion being sold at Tk1 per kg in Bangladesh!...

Dhaka, Tuesday   27 October 2020

Onion being sold at Tk1 per kg in Bangladesh!

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 08:08 PM, 20 September 2020   Updated: 08:56 PM, 20 September 2020

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Onion is being sold at Tk 1 per kg! incredible?  Yes, but true. In Bangladesh, Indian onion those were imported very recently, are being sold at this minimal rate. When the government of Bangladesh is an unpleasant situation regarding the sudden halt of India’s onion export due to its possible crisis, the news of selling this ‘gold-spice’ at one taka is really eye-watering. Incredible too.

But how it is true-

On an average, importers of Bangladesh import onion around 200,000 metric tons, to meet the domestic demand, through the Hili land port every year. In the three and a half months from June 6 to September 14 this year, 57,000 metric tons of onions have been imported.

Although onion imports were normal, the Indian government stopped onion exports on September 14 due to floods and production crisis. Importers and small traders are losing capital in such a decision without prior announcement.

More than 200 trucks loaded with onions have been parked inside India for five days in a row after the closure of exports. After a high-level meeting between the two countries, 250 metric tons of onions were imported in 11 trucks through Healy land port on Saturday. And most of these onions have rotted in the excess heat, they have been kept in front of the store. Pedestrians and locals are in very discomfort in its stench. In such a situation, onion sacks (60 kg) costing Tk 2,500 are being sold at Tk 50 to 100. Which is Tk 1per kg or a little slight.

It is learned on Saturday, that most of the onions imported from India were rotted. Pedestrians are having trouble walking on the road due to odd smells. On the other hand, the workers have been seen to be reluctant to do load-unload work. Onions that are being sold for Tk 50 to 100 per sakes.