One year of world’s first Covid-19 death ...

Dhaka, Friday   22 January 2021

One year of world’s first Covid-19 death 

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 Published: 01:22 PM, 11 January 2021   Updated: 02:42 PM, 11 January 2021

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Exactly a year ago, on January 11, the first death from Covid-19 infection was reported in Wuhan, China. The 61-year-old deceased used to visit Wuhan’s meat market regularly - which later heard to be the source of the deadly virus. However, one after another theory came up later.

China has repeatedly claimed — although China was the first country to be infected, the country is not a source of the novel coronavirus. If so, where is the source of this virus? The answer to the question is still mysterious and experts are skeptical whether “it will be known” to all. Many information about the horrific disease is still unknown.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly appealed to China to send the WHO’s expert team to Wuhan. However, China is reluctant to allow its investigative team into the country. Recently the team’s move to China was almost finalized. But at the last minute, China said again “they are not ready”.

However, experts of that team are not hopeful for getting much evidence even if they visit China. More than a year has passed since the coronavirus spread. Many important pieces of evidence, during this time, have been lost or destroyed, according to them.

Experts are also showing arguments in favor of this. They say — those who tried to warn in the early days of the epidemic were “silenced” by the Chinese authorities.

Experts are skeptical not only of the source of the virus but also of its character. The main question is, how did the virus spread from the animal bodies to the human body?

Scientists believe the virus spread from the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan in late 2019. Wild animals were sold in that market. 

They believe that the virus somehow came into the human body from an unknown species of bat. But later some conspiracy theories also came up. Outgoing US President Donald Trump has claimed that the virus spread from the “Wuhan laboratory”.

Chinese authorities first said the coronavirus had spread from Wuhan’s Seafood Market. But the country’s January data released last year suggests something different. It has been seen that Covid-19 does not have much connection with that market. That means the source of the virus is somewhere else. However, Chinese authorities could not provide any further information.

Meanwhile, the death toll from the deadly coronavirus infection is rising alarmingly worldwide. According to the international statistics-based website WorldMeter, as of 1:23 pm on Monday, 90,702,333 people were affected by the virus worldwide.