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Dhaka, Wednesday 23 Jan, 2019

Old age allowance: people’s last hope

Pekua (Cox’s Bazar) CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Raza Mia of Pekua Upazila of Cox's Bazar, used to work hard in his early livelihood in which he could maintain the earnings for his family. As he became old, his boys are married and separated. In the old age, he and his wife fell under poverty and sadness comes to their world. But Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina removed their sadness. Now Raza Mia receives Tk 16,800 as old age allowance in every year.

He said, “With the special contribution of the Prime Minister, we are now self-sufficient and we don't need to rely on the boys. May Allah bless Sheikh Hasina Long.”

Not only Raza Mia, Nawossha Mia, Anwara Begum, Ayesha Begum, widow Renuara, disable Kamal Hossain, Michkabul Habib also getting the old age allowance. Self-sufficient has returned to their families with the government’s allowance.

According to information given by Hamidullah Mia of Pekua Upazila Social Welfare Office, 6377 people in 7 unions are getting old age allowance, 1704 getting widow allowance, 1685 getting disability allowance, 307 getting disability education scholarships, 46 getting Dalit-fishermen and two hermaphrodite wages, 171 orphan children of 11 orphanages are getting the benefits of Tk 1,000 each month. 22 freedom fighters of the Upazila also received Tk 10,000 with bonus in each month.

Maternity Allowance is being given to pregnant women through the Office of Women Affairs Department. For the welfare of the poor patient, Tk 1,10,000 spent through Rogi Kalyan Samity. Apart from this, the loans of Tk 1 lakh in 2 maternal centers, Tk 12,71,500 for acid victims, Tk 56,98,000 through RSS given with lowest interest.

Pekua Upazila Merger Officer Osman Gani said more than 60 merger societies were working in the upazila where more than 12,000 people are benefitting. “All the facilities are being provided to 600 families who have lost their house under 6 Ashrayan projects. Besides, more than 5,500 local people are benefitting from the 63 social and rural level societies through Rural Savings Bank. The program is being run by the local people with a low interest loan of around Tk half a crore.”

Jafar Alam, an MP of Cox’s Bazar said, “The people of Pekua are getting all allowances and facilities since Sheikh Hasina’s government came to power. Thousands of ordinary people are being benefited by a home farm project and co-operative society. Also, all the projects based on Sheikh Hasina’s priorities in Pekua are moving fast.”


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