Alexa Odor of garbage in air 

Dhaka, Tuesday   25 February 2020


Odor of garbage in air 

 Mahmudula Hasan Ratan, Mymensingh

 Published: 05:38 PM, 26 February 2019   Updated: 05:38 PM, 26 February 2019

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Mymensingh City does not have any dumping points on its own. The garbage and various wastes of the whole city are dumping at the Mymensingh’s end part besides Shambhuganj Bridge. 

And now this dirt-garbage is crossing through sidewalks and has taken a place on Mymensingh’s Sherpur and Netrokona highway. As a result, the passengers of this highway along with pedestrians are facing extreme suffering. 

Due to the dirt rubbish beside the road-highway, the stinking air is spreading and destroying the balance of the environment. On the other hand, passengers and pedestrians traveling through the highways are facing extreme suffering. As a result, the pedestrians were forced to cross the road through the dirt rubbish. 

Residents of the area said that it is one of the main gateways of Mymensingh. Especially those who have come to Netrokona, Sherpur, Kishoreganj, and Kishoreganj to Sylhet, Chattogram region to Mymensingh. We cannot even eat properly due to the scent. We have lived in this situation for a long time. 

Environment leader and poet Ali Yusuf said, “We have a lot of powerful people in our city. The biggest strength is the stack of dirt near the Shambhuganj Bridge. Dirt Stack is the most powerful in this city. Otherwise, why cannot anyone remove this muck?”

City Administrator Ikramul Haque Titu said, “If there are any time and opportunity, then measures will be taken.”