Now ‘Lady Gang’ sprung up in Chattogram...

Dhaka, Thursday   29 October 2020

Now ‘Lady Gang’ sprung up in Chattogram

 Rakibur Rahman, Chattogram

 Published: 07:56 PM, 28 August 2020   Updated: 09:22 PM, 28 August 2020

‘Lady Gang’ culture causes new concern in society

‘Lady Gang’ culture causes new concern in society

Teen gangs are widely discussed in Chattogram for various activities including snatching, fighting and drugs. And now a new gang has sprung up, however, it is not any teen gangs, it’s ‘Lady Gang’.

Recently, a video of a group of teenagers going to the house of a girl and beating her went viral on social media Facebook.

According to the investigation, a group of five teenagers beats up the girl due to a dispute over online teen gang culture. Later, they spread the video on Facebook in the name of ‘teach’ her.

The victim was identified as Adhara Ahmed. The incident took place in the Bandartila Kasai Gali area of EPZ police station on Tuesday.

Adhara claims that she was attacked by some members of Lady Queen Simran Simi Group at the instigation of a teenager named Shakhawat for not responding to the indecent proposal.

“A boy wanted a bad picture of me. He had been threatening me in the inbox for some time for not giving. He said he would hack my ID if I don’t give him bad pictures and made many more threats,” she said.

Mentioning that she was helpless and tortured because she was alone at home, Adhara said, “Shakhawat, Tania, Simi, Shaon and Arefin came to my house and attacked me. Three hits and two made videos. They again posted the video on various Facebook groups.”

“If I had given a bad picture today, it would not have happened,” she also said, adding, “I was beaten to save my honor. Am I really not going to get justice? If I do something today after not bearing such shame, who will take the responsibility?” 

Simran Simi, meanwhile, admitted responsibility for the attack, saying no one beats anyone if it is not their fault. She “threatened to kill” us. 

After doing everything, Adhara now looks helpless — Simi commented, “She is saying that no one is beside her. She also shows proud – she has this, has that. I mean, I’ll keep my level as high as I can.”  

“There is no evidence against us except for the video of the beating,” Simi said, adding, “It is a girl to girl fight. It does not matter.”

Mentioning that Adhara had also beaten her friend, Simi said that Adhara herself had earlier beaten one of her friends with some boys in front of the house alley.

Simi added, “Yes, it was my fault, it was her fault too. She was not beaten alone. When I hit her, she grabbed my hair and fought. My request to the administration and the media is that there should not be a one-sided trial.”

She said that she was “under emotional stress” in the family and socially in this incident, adding that many people were having fun. But they do not know what the real facts are.

“I uploaded a picture of mine and Adhara made bad comments, forced me to beat her,” Simi also said.

“I went to the EPZ police station, however, they didn’t take any case. It has been said that it was a girl-girl fight, there is nothing they can do,” she added. 

Asked about this, EPZ Police Station OC Utpal Barua said that Adhara Ahmed has lodged a complaint in this regard. Attempts to arrest the accused underway.