Now 500m LinkedIn users’ information leaked...

Dhaka, Sunday   16 May 2021

Now 500m LinkedIn users’ information leaked

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 Published: 07:54 PM, 10 April 2021  

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The information of numerous users of the social network LinkedIn has leaked. There have been even posts for the sale of those accounts. The number of accounts with leaked information could be 500 million, according to a source.

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn confirmed the news on Thursday, revealing the information of 200 million users for confirmation. 

Cyber Security News and research site Cyber News also reported on April 6 about attempting to sell information. It is known that hackers have users’ ID, name, email address, phone number, gender, professional and other social media information in their hands. They call a “four-digit auction” for all this information in a forum.

However, Microsoft claims that there was no “intrusion”. In a blog post, LinkedIn mentioned that the information that was posted for sale was “collected” from a number of websites and organizations.

LinkedIn, a social network of professionals owned by Microsoft, currently has more than 740 million members. Of which 500 million or about two-thirds of the information is now in the hands of hackers.

The leak of information of 530 million Facebook users a few days ago was another surprise in the world of news technology.