‘Nothing’ Day today...

Dhaka, Friday   05 March 2021

‘Nothing’ Day today

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 Published: 01:22 PM, 16 January 2021  

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The ‘Nothing’ Day has been observed today across the world. The day is for those who are busy with work all year round. So this day is basically allotted for “staying idle, spending lazy time”.

Today is a special day for people with a mindset of not going anywhere, not doing any work, being lazy all day. 

The journey of this strange day called ‘Nothing’ started in 1983. Harold Pullman Coffin, an American columnist, was the first to propose the day. It is known that Harold had an organization called ‘Nothing Organization’. They are the first to start celebrating this day. 

Harold Pullman Coffin founded the organization to spread awareness about the idea of ​​doing “nothing” on this special day. Naturally, it is better not to expect the organization to do anything. Far from doing anything, the organization has not been able to hold a meeting so far.