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Dhaka, Wednesday 23 Jan, 2019

Not enough soil on Approach Road

Sunamganj CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

A bridge was built in 2017 in the Hinghirdaire Canal on the border of Laxmipur and Rangarchar UP in Doarabazar, Sunamganj. There is not enough soil filling on the Approach Road on both sides of the bridge since construction. The vehicles on this route are being victimized every day.

There is the same condition on the Approach Road of the Aziznagar village's north side of the bridge and bridge’s south side to Harinapati Bazar.

The dust has been flying on the raw roads during traffic movement. The environment is being destroyed in it.

Motorbike driver Md Abdul Hamid said, “It is necessary to take a bath after traveling on the Hinghirdaire Road Bridge. If you go to the road twice, you have to suffer from colds and allergic diseases. The reconstruction of the road is important.”

Rangarchar UP member Md Shawkat Ali said that the Hinghirdaire Bridge of the southern part of the road was constructed in 2017. “Since then, there was no development. This road needs to be reconstructed with soil filling in an emergency basis,” he said.

Laxmipur UP chairman Md Amirul Haque said, “The Approach Road on the Hinghirdaire Canal has become worn-out. With this road, thousands of people from three UP have come to Sunamganj city. If the road is reconstructed, people's sufferings will be reduced.”

DoarabazarUpazila LGED Engineer Harjit Sarker said that there was no allocation for the procurement of the Approach Roads in the bridge built on the Hinghirdaire Canal. “But the construction work will be done soon.”


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