Alexa North Korea calls UN sanctions an `act of war`

Dhaka, Thursday   12 December 2019

North Korea calls UN sanctions an `act of war`

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 Published: 03:50 PM, 25 December 2017   Updated: 01:36 PM, 26 December 2017

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s foreign ministry said on Sunday that the latest United Nations sanctions against North Korea are an act of war and equivalent to a complete economic blockade against it.

In a statement of the KCNA news agency, North Korea’s foreign ministry said that the United States was terrified by its nuclear force and getting more and more frenzied in the moves to impose the harshest-ever sanctions and pressure on country.

He also said that we define this ‘sanctions resolution’ that rigged up by the U.S. and its followers.

The UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea on Friday for its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test, and made limited access refined petroleum products and crude oil and its earnings from workers abroad.

The UN resolution seeks to ban nearly 90 percent of refined petroleum which is export to North Korea 500,000 barrels a year and proposed the repatriation of North Koreans working abroad within 24 months.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on November 29 declared the nuclear force complete after the test of North Korea’s largest-ever ICBM test, which the country said puts all of the United States within range.
This declaration of the Kim increases the tension of between North Korea and United States.

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