Alexa None took ‘liability of denying legal support’ to Minni

Dhaka, Monday   19 August 2019


None took ‘liability of denying legal support’ to Minni

 Barguna Correspondent

 Published: 10:13 PM, 18 July 2019   Updated: 10:14 PM, 18 July 2019

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Barguna's Rifat killing murder is one of the most widely discussed issue of the country now. This case is on the turning while the No. 1 witness and the wife of murdered Rifat Sharif, is being the number one accused. But complaints on behalf of Minni’s father has been risen that, no lawyer is agree to provide legal support to Minni, although he has asked for help to three or more lawyers in the court. Even some lawyers has stayed absent the court after assuring to providing legal assistance to Minni. Her families thinks that, this situation has been made fillowing the ill triumph of Barguna-1 MP Dhirendra Debnath Shamvu's son, Sunam Debnath.

But, Sunam Debnath the MP’s son has denied the issue. On the day after the murder of Rifat, he requested to not give legal help to the accused on Facebook. On Monday, July 13, murdered Rifat Sharif’s father Dulal Sharif held a press conference against Minni demanding to bring her under the legal procedure as an accused of the case. The next day on July 14, a human chain in front of the at the Barguna Press Club observed demanding immediate arrest of Minni

Advocate Distinguished Debnath spoke in the human chain. Two days later, police arrested Minni on July 16. The next day on 17th July, Minni was produced in court and remand was asked in this regard.

Meanwhile, Minn's father Mozammel Hossain asked some lawyers seeking legal help for his daughter. But none agree with it. Minni's father Mozammel Hossain Kishore said, "I have not received any response even I have reached to many lawyers."

They said that we are under pressure from the council (advocates association), we cannot stand for your daughter.

Finally, after many requests, Advocate Ziauddin, Golam Sarwar Nasir and Advocate Mostafa Quader agreed, but they were absent in court, finally.

He complained that “None has given legal help to my daughter because ruling party power and influential managed the lawyers.

When contacted, Advocate Ziauddin said, “Minni's father wanted legal help from me. I also told him to provide legal assistance. I could not provide legal assistance to Minnie because I did not get the required papers.” Asked if anyone had forbidden, he said, “We did not receive any such instruction from the lawyers association.”

Barguna District Lawyers Association's general secretary Advocate Mahbubul Bari Aslam said, "We have not made any decision like that, we will not provide any kind of legal help to the accused in this case." Judicial legal assistance can be obtained through Legal Aid, although some one doesn’t hire a lawyer. Besides, it is not possible to appoint a lawyer in many cases, if it is under investigation of the court. In that case the court examines him. I do not know if Mozammel Hossain asked for any legal help on behalf of his daughter Minni. If someone stayed absent in the court after giving him an assurance, then we will certainly take charge.

On 26th March, after the killing of Rifat Sharif, a member of the Barguna District Bar Association, Advocate Sunaman Debnath, posted a post requesting no legal aid to those involved in the killing of Rifat, on Facebook. Lawyer, who was affected by the post, did not provide legal aid to Minnie, the complaint was made by the citizen and the Minni's family.When asked whether he had influenced the post of Minni without giving legal assistance, Devnath said, “While posting that status, Minini was the first witness in the case. We requested the policy decision not to provide legal assistance to those involved in the incident. That does not mean that no one will be able to assist the accused or have the obligation. I do not hold any of the post of the lawyer association that I will order. This is nothing but a political propaganda against me.”