‘Nobody in TV industry rapes anyone by force’...

Dhaka, Saturday   16 January 2021

‘Nobody in TV industry rapes anyone by force’

 Entertainment Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 12:56 PM, 27 November 2020  

Runa Khan

Runa Khan

There is no end to fans’ curiosity about the media, at the same time, they also have some misconceptions. Criticize news on stars is often published in the media, as a result, many got negative ideas than positive thoughts about them. 

However, actress Runa Khan has given a bold statement about these issues. In her words – “No one rapes anyone in the media industry. No one rapes anyone by forcibly closing the door.”

Runa Khan has been associated with acting for a long time and received the National Film Award also. Expressing her bitter experience in the long-acting career, she said, “It is not that I did not get offers from two to four while working in the media.”

“‘You will be the main cast!’ or ‘Can I call you after 12:00 am?’ – I got such proposals in the media. But I told them – ‘I go to sleep after 12:00 am’,” she said. 

“If I want to talk after 12:00 am, a lot can happen. I think there is no shortage of people making such proposals not only in the industry but in all workplaces,” Runa Khan said.

Referring to the relationship between men and women is eternal, the ‘Haldaa’ actress said, “It is normal that a man can like a woman! That’s not a crime. It is up to me to decide whether or not I want to accept his proposal. I am not like who constantly blames men, saying ‘all men are evil’.” 

“To put it bluntly – no one in the TV media industry rapes anyone. No one rapes anyone by forcibly closing the door. If you do something, you do it on your own. And if you don’t want to do anything, no one will jump on your body. No one jumped on my body.”

In her acting life, Runa Khan fell in love with two people. Remembering that, the actress said, “I involved in two relationships. They were the people of this industry. But no one jumped on me. Talked with a smile on the face, offered to chat after work – that’s all, so it’s not a crime. It is up to me whether I agree or not. No one here can do anything by force.”

Informing that she got an offer to go on a long drive. Informing that, the actress said, Runa Khan said, “They offered me to have coffee and go for a long drive. But whether I go or not is my business. But I believe - people can have a best friend besides a wife, husband, children who will always be there for you whenever you got in trouble.”

Actress Runa Khan has been acting on stage, dramas and films for 18 years. Her career began with acting in television dramas. She has been acclaimed for her performances in ‘Haldaa’, ‘Gohin Baluchor’, ‘Chitkini’. However, the actress won the National Film Award for her performance in ‘Haldaa’.