Alexa Nobel becomes point of debate

Dhaka, Monday   16 September 2019


Nobel becomes point of debate

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 Published: 11:40 AM, 3 August 2019  

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Saragamapa is the most popular music reality show in West Bengal of India. In the last session, Bangladeshi boy Mainul Ahsan Nobel has nominated the 2nd runner up. But he gained the popularity in both Bengal a long ago before his result. But this time, the popularity is to be lost to criticism.

About a year ago Noble faced an interview. On that interview, he said that instead of Rabindranath’s ‘Amar Shonar Bangla’, ‘Bangladesh’ by James in Prince Mahmud’s lyrics is more likable to be the National Anthem of Bangladesh. This statement has brought him criticism.

People of both Bengal couldn’t accept such a statement about Rabindranath’s song. Besides, still, he didn’t give any lifting statement following the matter.

On the other hand, the Bengali version of India's Z news media has made their headline- ‘Rabindrtanath’s song is Not-likable to Nobel as the national anthem.’ According to the news, Nobel thought Rabindranath Tagore's song can mean a lot in the metaphorical sense of national anthem, but Prince Mahmood's song more than ever captures the emotions of the people of Bangladesh. Even Noble claimed, once a procession also took place in Dhaka University demanding the song of Prince Mahmud as National Anthem.

Kolkata News 18 has been titled, ‘Humiliating Rabindranath for the national anthem of Bangladesh, Nobel in New Debate.’ It said, through Saregampa Nobel of Bangladesh is now a well-known name in Bengal. Even Nobel got a big break in the 'Vinci Da' film created by Srijit Mukherjee.

A lot of audiences from both Bengal have been fascinated by his song. But, this Nobel has made the mistake in an interview statement. In many times Noble performed James' song in Prince Mahmud’s lyrics at the Saregamapa’s stage. The song ‘Bangladesh’ also among them. The debate raised that, through those performances, he indirectly tried to indicate his claim.

Ananda Bazar Newspaper headlined 'Nobel in Debate'. They quoted Nobel’s statement, “Prince Mahmud's song 'Bangladesh' more clearly describes the history, traditions of my country than the song 'Sonar Bangla' written by Rabindranath Tagore. Students of Dhaka University demanded that the song be given the status of the national anthem. I obey that too.”

Meanwhile, many people on social media are expressing anger on Nobel for such controversy. In addition, many people on Facebook are also unfollowing Nobel. However, the singer is still silent after all these.