No renovation yet despite extending time twice...

Dhaka, Sunday   29 November 2020

No renovation yet despite extending time twice

 Zakaria Chowdhury, Habiganj

 Published: 08:07 PM, 25 October 2020  

Knee-deep mud accumulates in many places

Knee-deep mud accumulates in many places

The renovation work of four kilometers of the Shivpasha area of Baniachang-Ajmiriganj road in Habiganj has not been done yet after extending the time twice. In the meantime, a part of the road has become unsuitable for movement.

The locals, including traders, demanded the renovation of four kilometers of the Baniachang-Ajmiriganj road. The Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) has invited road tenders in response to this demand. The cost of this work was estimated at around Tk four crore. Ajmiriganj Upazila Parishad Chairman Mortuza Hasan got the tender of the work.

After getting the tender, he started the renovation work. According to the agreement, the work was supposed to be completed in June, but the first phase of the work was completed earlier due to the slow pace of work and the coronavirus pandemic. Later in the second phase, the term has been extended till next December.

The whole area from Shivpasha Bazar to the bridge of Paschimbhag village has become a pothole in the road. In many places, small and big holes have been created again. When it rains, the risk increases a lot as knee-deep mud accumulates in many places.

Some local Awami League leaders, who did not want to be named, said hundreds of vehicles pass through the road every day. Although the work has not been finished yet, no one dares to protest against the chairman of the area.

Shafiqul Islam Shafiq, an official of Habiganj Local Government Engineering Department, said the first phase was delayed due to coronavirus lockdown. In the meantime, the contractor has extended the term. The bill will not be fully paid until the work is completed properly.

An attempt was made to contact Mortuza Hasan, chairman, and contractor of the Upazila Parishad, but no statement was received.