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Dhaka, Monday 21 Jan, 2019

No movie theaters in Narail

Narail CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

There are currently no movie theaters in Narail district. Some theaters are lying abandoned. As a result, people of this district have been deprived of watching movies on the big screen.

A few years ago, there were three cinema theaters in the district, two in Lohagara upazila, and one in Kaliya upazila, but all the theaters were closed for different reasons.

The main movie theater of the district is Chitrabani Cinema Hall. About 8/9 years, there are no films are shown. It is currently lying abandoned. The market is being built in front of this theater.

Asha Cinema Hall at Gobra Bazaar in Narail Sadar are now being used as a storehouse for traders’ goods and there is a madrasa established for almost ten years in the place of movie theaters in Simakhali area.

There is a market in one of the two cinema theaters in Lohagara upazila, another is a wooden shop built. The only Alpana Cinema Hall in Kaliya upazila is also abandoned.

Concerned people who were working in the movie theaters were told that these movie theaters were once the source of entertainment. People were crowed in the movie theaters to see the movie, there was another joy. Many people used to earn more money by blacking the tickets. They have become unemployed due to closure, shifted their profession and were forced to move to another profession. They demanded the re-launch.

Malay Kumar Kundu, President of Narail Sammilita Sangskritik Jote, said that film is a powerful medium to build a strong nation. Through this, family and social life were shown. He urged the current generation to work in the right direction and make films.

District Information Officer said, “The Ministry of Information has taken initiatives to open new cinema theaters. List of all closed cinema theaters have been sent to the ministry. In particular, initiatives have been taken to run at least one digital movie system in every district. The activities are ongoing.”


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