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Dhaka, Wednesday 23 Jan, 2019

No fisher in River

(Ramgati- kamalnagar) Lakshmipur CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
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The fish ghats on the banks of the Meghna River are seen vacant due to the severe cold weather. Fishermen do not catch fish because of excess winter. Jatka fishing was prohibited as well as the ban of mother Hilsa catching had been remaining before this.

An exceptional scenario is found while visiting Ramgati-Kamalnagar Alexander Fish Ghat, Balurchar Fish Ghat, Jarirdona Fish Ghat, Chairman Ghat, Ludhua Ghat, Matabbar Hat Fish Ghat, Kadirpanditer Hat Fish Ghat, Battirkhal Fish Ghat, Motirhat Fish Ghat in the area. On fisher in River; no fish buyer-dealers are available in the market, On the other hand.

Meanwhile, in the Ramgoti-Kamalnagar, the Alexander-Motirhat-Matabbar Haat River dam area remains a little busy with some tourists. No tourist is seen due to winter. Fisherman Kaucher said that the no goes for fishing in river due to severe winter. Fishermen could catch fish if they found a little or less; but due to excess cold, they couldn't get the fish at least.

Boatman, A Matin said, the fishing rate in the river is very low. Hilsa isn’t not seen that much. Other fish match. But the fishermen do not catch fish because of winter. Asking to know the way of life, Ayub, Kalam, Kalu, Mofiz said that due to the winter they cannot fishing the river. No matter what day, they go on occasionally after winter.

Moterhat Fish Ghat President Mehdi Hasan Liton said, due to winter, many fishermen do not go for fishing. Fishes also do not meet in the ghat. Five percent go to ask for life. But they returned empty handed. This year, there will be a lot of losses in business.

Ramgati-Kamalnagar nearly three-four hundreds of the fishermen catches fish in the river. They are almost unemployed for various reasons including ban. Everyone couldn’t get the government’s benefits. To get cards fishermen have to pay money to fishermen syndicate in these areas. Although they get the card, they have to wait to get the benefit. So, most of them stay out of benefits.

Upazila fisheries officer Abdul Kuddus said, in the winter season, the fish travel low in the river. Due to tidal bores, the fish is low in the river edge. The tide is low in winter. Water is less navigable. In addition, fishermen rarely go fishing in the winter. Because of these sea fish less shows in the market.


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