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Dhaka, Tuesday   04 August 2020

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Housing Minister on hardline to demolish illegal buildings

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 05:53 PM, 21 June 2019   Updated: 08:38 PM, 21 June 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Housing and Public Works Minister SM Rezaul Karim has made clear that all buildings made out of law in the capital will be demolished. If someone does not accept the law, he is not allowed to be exempt although he is MP- Minister. If the building is the source of income of a person, it never can be more auspicious than a life, he also warned.

Public Works Minister made this remarks while he was talking to the journalists in a 'Meet the Reporters' program organized by Dhaka Reporters Unity on Friday. During this time, he said that the people who are constructing buildings breaking the rules in new Dhaka, those illegal establishments will be demolished.

The buildings which had few irregularities and it is possible to keep them by separated pillars using modern technology could be separated by a separate pillar, may get release; but the risky establishments will not be exempted, the minister also warned. He said, “Some one’s building as a source of income is not bigger than the value of human life in any way.”

Quoting the report on the Banani FR Tower’s fire incident, the minister said, “There are 62 officials were identified in this. I'll catch only the landlord, not my man, this will not be zero tolerance. Last week, (I) instructed RAJUK to take legal action against all 62 people on the issue of zero tolerance.”

Meanwhile, the minister disclose this information that, so far, RAJUK’s 24 scrutinizing teams found irregularities in 1,818 homes (multi-storied buildings) working after the FR. Towers fire incident.

“Many owners of these houses are very influential in power, in politics; in that sense, many would not have thought about the report, because they are so powerful. We are going to take action against these buildings, you (are requested to) help us, said the housing boss.

“RAJUK has been instructed to take action against them, saying that no house will get release; if there is also a Minister-MP's house, or houses of my own relatives. The law will have to be kept at its own step,” Housing Minister warned.

Rezaul Karim said that the scrutinizing is going on against the rest of the buildings of Dhaka city. They do not want to keep a house constructed out of law.

Quoting the information about the buildings older than five hundred years in old Dhaka; the minister said, “I cannot ruin them if I want. To make it an environment friendly and risky free in an alternative way, we have proposed the Mayor of the South City Corporation to re-develop them.”

The fire service has been requested to monitor whether fire extinguishers are standard in every building.

Dhaka Reporters Unity’s Chairman Ilias Hossain spoke the welcome address at the function while General Secretary Kabir Ahmed Khan conducted the program.