No bar in Jasore municipal polls...

Dhaka, Friday   26 February 2021

No bar in Jasore municipal polls

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 01:05 PM, 22 February 2021   Updated: 06:59 PM, 22 February 2021

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The Appellate Division has upheld the Chamber Court’s order regarding the Jasore municipality elections due to border complexities and failure to update the voter list. As a result, there is no obstacle to take the vote in the February 28 Jashore municipality elections, the lawyers said.

The Appellate Division of Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain passed the order on Monday.

Attorney General AM Amin Uddin represented the state in the court along with Additional Attorney General SK Morshed. Lawyers Abdul Matin Khasru and Pankaj Kumar Kundu were in favor of the writ petition.

Additional Attorney General SK Morshed said the Chamber Court had stayed the High Court order on postponing the election. The Appellate Division Chamber upheld the court order. As a result, there was no obstacle in the election of this municipality. 

The High Court had postponed the Jashore municipality election on February 9. After the High Court’s order was appealed to the Appellate Division, the Chamber Court stayed it and sent it to the Appellate Division. The Appellate Division then upheld the order

Petitioner’s lawyer Pankaj Kumar Kundu said the boundaries of Jashore municipality were extended last year. 9 new mouzas have been gazetted in Jashore municipality. Despite the gazette, the new mouzas were not included in any ward and were not included in the voter list. But the tax is being collected from the residents of these 9 mouzas. 

“In such a situation, the announcement of the election schedule is illegal. This is a complete violation of the law,” he further said, adding that three people, including Abdullah, filed a writ petition in the High Court seeking postponement of the elections.

In the fifth phase of municipality elections, the polling day in Jashore is scheduled for February 28.