Alexa No RMO and Medicine Specialist for 6 years

Dhaka, Monday   16 December 2019

Puthia Upazila Health Complex

No RMO and Medicine Specialist for 6 years

 Puthia (Rajshahi) Correspondent

 Published: 08:34 PM, 18 November 2019  

Puthia Upazila Health Complex

Puthia Upazila Health Complex

The posts of Resident Medical Officer (RMO) and Medicine Specialist at Puthia Upazila Health Complex in Rajshahi have been vacant for about 6 years, the activities are underway with the Acting Medical Officer.

Former RMO Dr. Shirajul Islam was transferred from here in 2013 after promotion and since then no one has been seen at this post. It is disrupting the routine activities of the hospital and hundreds of patients are being deprived of the services.

Hospital staffs said that so far, several RMOs have come to the hospital. Most of them do not live in quarters. For this, full supports are not available from them. 

About 300 patients of the upazila come to the hospital daily for medical treatment. But without Medical Experts, they are not getting adequate treatment. This is why most patients are yield to go to private clinics.

Health Officer Dr. Nazma Akhter said, “The Patients are gathering crowds to Medical Officers or Emergency Department’s doctors as there is no medical expert. But, many are going back without getting service.”

 “The higher authority has been informed about the appointment of specialists in these two posts. Hopefully, this problem will be solved soon. We will be able to continue to serve patients seamlessly,” Dr. Nazma said.