Alexa ‘No Dorai’: Surfing base film with Chatgaiya language

Dhaka, Thursday   20 February 2020


‘No Dorai’: Surfing base film with Chatgaiya language

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 03:08 PM, 21 June 2019  

Poster of the film ‘No Dorai’

Poster of the film ‘No Dorai’

The story of surfing will be screened in the Bengali film for the first time with new dreams and new determination. The surfing based film titled ‘No Dorai’ made of Chattogram’s regional language, which means ‘Do not afraid.’

Sharim Raj and model Sunerah Binte Kamal starred in the film directed by Tanim Rahman Angshu. 

The poster of the film was unveiled and the trailer was released on Thursday afternoon in Star Cineplex. 

The story of the film is based on a true story. About 90 percent of the film’s shooting has been done in Cox’s Bazar. The audience will hear the Chatgaiya (Chattogram) language, but it has been made so that everyone can understand.   

Nasima, the country’s first woman surfer. Mainly her story will be highlighted in the film. Her social, family hurdles will also be highlighted in the film. But of course, there will many more stories. There will also be a message of- Women Advancing- in the film. 

Surfing has become popular in the country. Those who surfing- have a lot of contribution- for this popularity. Those stories mainly inspired producers to make films about surfing. 

Regarding the film, director Angshu said, “The shooting of the film has already been completed. The work of editing panel is also completed. The film shooting was done in Cox’s Bazar, St. Martin, Tafnaf and different locations in Dhaka.”

“‘No Dorai’ will talk about women empowerment. Our work is almost finished. Now we are preparing to submit the film to the sensor board. And we want to release ‘No Dorai’in October,” said Star Cineplex Chairman Mahbub Rahman. 
“I am totally new in films. I had a hobby of acting since childhood. And that dream has completed,” said Sunerah Binte Kamal, actress of the film. 

“While working on the film, the story of Nasima inspired me very much. I had to learn Chatgai Language which was really hard.  I believe the audience will like the film,” she also said. 

Shyamal Sengupta of Kolkata wrote the story of this film- who also wrote the story of films like ‘Bunohash’, ‘Pinky’. And the screenplay was done by him and the director Angshu.