No Coronavirus remedy made yet: WHO

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


No Coronavirus remedy made yet: WHO

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 Published: 12:49 PM, 6 February 2020  

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World Health Organization (WHO) says no effective drug has been produced so far for remedy of the deadly novel coronavirus.

On Wednesday, the WHO has dismissed the claim of china research farm of inventing remedy for the viral disease.

WHO spokesman Tariq Jasarevic said there was no specific medical treatment for the 2019-NCOV virus (Novel Coronavirus).

Researchers at Zhejiang University have found drugs to treat the disease, according to a Chinese media report. On the other hand, a group of researchers at Sky News in the UK claimed they had made "significant progress" in the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine.

However, experts say that the only way to stay safe is to avoid contact with those who have been infected or carry the virus.

Meanwhile, the death toll in Coronavirus so far has risen to 564 in China's mainland and beyond. So far, 27,378 people have been infected with the non-preventive virus in China. The total number of people infected including China, is 27,602. The virus has spread to 28 countries around the world.