No Bangladeshi dies in Lebanon explosion, a few injured...

Dhaka, Monday   21 September 2020

No Bangladeshi dies in Lebanon explosion, a few injured

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 Published: 02:23 AM, 5 August 2020   Updated: 09:37 AM, 5 August 2020

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

No Bangladeshi was killed in the twin blasts in Lebanon. However, some military members were injured. Besides, the navy ship BNS Bijoy had partial damage.

Abdullah Al Mamun, Head of Chancery of the Bangladesh Embassy in Lebanon confirmed the information. 

“As soon as we got the news, we reached the port area with the ambassador and the injured Bangladeshis were admitted to the hospital,” he said.

Abdullah Al Mamun said less than 10 Bangladeshi nationals were injured. Two of them were seriously injured and the rest had ear or head injuries. He added that the total number of members on the ship was 110 and since the incident took place in the evening, many people were not on board.

The whole city was shaken by a huge explosion in the port of Beirut on Tuesday. This has caused major damage in different parts of the city. The tremor was felt all over the city. The windows of the buildings a few miles away were also shattered due to the blast.

The country’s health minister, Hamad Hasan, feared heavy casualties in the blast. 

Lebanese President Michel Naim Aoun has ordered the army to patrol the area affected by the Beirut explosion. 

Prime Minister Hassan Diab has declared national mourning on Wednesday.