Niklas Elmehed: The man behind pictures of Nobel laureates...

Dhaka, Tuesday   20 October 2020

Niklas Elmehed: The man behind pictures of Nobel laureates

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 Published: 04:05 PM, 16 October 2020   Updated: 04:13 PM, 16 October 2020

Niklas Elmehed

Niklas Elmehed

Every year in October, pictures of Nobel laureates come to our notice where hand-painted pictures spread all over the world immediately after announcing the names of the awardees. But did you ever think who painted these pictures? His name is Niklas Elmehed. Every year in October, he gets busy in October.

He was sent pictures of the winners by the Nobel Committee. He then quickly drew them. Every time after the announcement of the Nobel Prize, we see the drawings of the winners.

Many people think that every picture looks the same as it may have been painted by computer software. However, that is not the case — these pictures were painted by Swedish freelancer Niklas Elmehed. He is also called the ‘Nobel Laureate Artist’.

Niklas immediately painted the pictures of the winners

He joined Nobel Media in 2012. That same year, the first hand-painted Nobel laureate’s picture was published. Two years later, the artist left his job at Nobel Media. However, the Nobel media did not leave him. In the first year, it was decided that all the pictures of the Nobel laureates will be the same from now. As a result, Niklas has been doing this for the last eight years.

He painted the Nobel laureates in blue and yellow color in 2017-18. Like last time, he has chosen black and white medium with golden color metal foil.

For eight years, Niklas drew pictures of Nobel laureates

Meanwhile, the ‘World Food Program’ has won Nobel Peace Prize this year and Niklas painted the logo of food grain for the WFP.

Although the pictures of the Nobel laureates came to the spot, the talented artist Niklas remained behind. Although we do not know his value, Nobel Media does, as a result, even though he left his job, Nobel Media never leave him.