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Newborn’s jaundice? Things to do

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 Published: 08:52 PM, 29 December 2019  

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Many times, newborn babies are suffering from jaundice just a few days after their birth which makes parents very worried. It is a matter of concern as well. Jaundice is not a good sign for newborn babies.

Almost 80 percent of newborns suffer from jaundice. Jaundice of children and jaundice of adults is not the same thing. In many cases, this is because of the lack of enzymes in the liver. However, no need to worry if not more. There are some things to do. They are - 
> Breastfeeding more.

> Do not keep them into the sun. Sun damage can be reversed. It can also cause eye damage.

> If it seems more yellow, consult to the nearest doctor.

> In case of emergency, conduct the Bilirubin test.

> Sometimes newborns may require phototherapy treatment.

Source: Dr. ATM Rafiq (Uzzal) Children’s Department, Holy Family Hospital