Alexa New research unveils real cause of heart attack

Dhaka, Sunday   18 August 2019


New research unveils real cause of heart attack

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 Published: 04:33 PM, 23 July 2019  



Probably many people do not know about the real cause of being heart attack. But one-third of the people around the world are being died of heart attack! But what’s the reason behind this? It is a rare case for Animal Genetics’ heart attack that is similar with humans. From chimpanzees to monkeys, scientists have not found this problem too much. 

A new research says a genetic mutation of our ancestors from 2 to 3 million years ago could cause this heart attack problem. Researchers believe this is the main reason. 

Doctors usually say some common causes to heart attack which include obesity, unhealthy eating, diabetes, smoking, eating red meat. But 15% patients have been suffer from heart attack without having above reasons. This is the critical mystery to the doctors why this happens. 

“Those 15 percent patients are like a puzzle to us. Now it seems we have got the answer to that puzzle. Our ancestors undergone a genetic mutation from 2 to 3 million years ago. That mutation invalidates a gene of CMH.  This causes an error in our molecules,” he said.  

Heart attack is mainly referred to Medicosis Myocardial Infarction by the doctors. Two blood vessels are existing in heart. One is right (right) coronary artery, the other is left (left) coronary artery. 

If for some reason fat accumulates in this artery, it is called plaque or block. If blood clots on that block, it turns into complete block. When it is 100 percent block then chest pains or sudden deaths can happen and these situations are called heart attack. 

People who smoke or have high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol in the bodies or having heart problems in the families,they are at high risk of heart attack. In addition to obesity, unhealthy eating, these cause to increase of blood vessel blockage heart problems.