New info on Sushant’s death: Assassinated by Don Dawood’s gang!...

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New info on Sushant’s death: Assassinated by Don Dawood’s gang!

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 Published: 02:26 PM, 11 July 2020  



One after another sensitive information is coming out about the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. As time goes on, the reckoning of his death seems to be getting more and more complicated. NK Sood, a former officer of Indian intelligence agency RAW, has claimed that “Sushant Singh Rajput was assassinated with perfect planning, not suicide.”

KN Sood has released a video on YouTube about this where he said, “Sushant Singh Rajput was killed by Dawood Ibrahim and his gang.” He also explained the reasons behind this claim in the video.

In the video, KN Sood said that Dawood Ibrahim’s gang had been threatening to kill Sushant for a long time. That is why Sushant was suffering from mental problems. “Many close to Sus¬hant are also involved in this conspiracy,” he also claimed.

He reminded that all the CCTV cameras in his house were turned off the day before Sushant’s death. This suggests that it was a premeditated murder. Not only that, but Sushant has also changed his SIM for 50 times to avoid death threats. He also slept in the car for fear of death.

Not only that, but NK Sood also claimed in the video that Sushant’s housemaid, friend Sandeep Singh, and some Bollywood big fishes were involved in the murder.

It is worth to be mentioned that Sushant Singh Rajput died on June 14. He was found strangled in his room. According to the autopsy report, Sushant committed suicide. He was suffering from depression. However, he did not leave any suicide note.