Director Rafiq Shikder’s mother passes away

Director Rafiq Shikder’s mother passes away

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 Published: 05:21 PM, 1 November 2018   Updated: 05:21 PM, 1 November 2018

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Film director Rafiq Shikder’s mother Rawshan Ara has passed away as she was undergoing treatment for kidney diseases in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) hospital for a long time.

She died at 10:00 pm on Wednesday. Director Rafiq Shikder alleged that his mother had died due to the negligence of the doctor. 

After his mother’s death, Rafiq Shikdar wrote in his social media Facebook post, “My mother has lost her life during the war of cruelty. My mother went to the other side leaving our six brothers-sister.”

It was learned that in the beginning, his mother had a kidney problem, and then admitted to PG hospital.

Earlier, on September 5, the operation of her sick mother was performed. Then the condition of her body deteriorated. Later, the duty doctor at the PG Hospital told Rafiq Shikder to take her to a private hospital.

Then there was a terrible incident occurred. After examining the film director Rafiq Shikdar’s mother at the private hospital, it was found that there was no kidney in her body. It means that she has lost healthy kidneys while undergoing a kidney surgery.

Director Rafiq Shikder alleged, “My mother’s left kidney was about to be surgically removed, but after surgery, it was found in the CT scan that she did not have a right kidney. My mother’s condition is slowly getting worse.”

The director claims the punishment who is responsible for her mother’s consequences.

However, BSMMU’s Department of Urology, Dr. Habibur Rahman Dulal says that if the kidney is non-functional for any reason, then it is not detected in the CT scan. But director Rafiq Shikdar has alleged that the doctor’s statement is a lie.

He said, “What the doctor says is completely false. I talked to a few other doctors. They have confirmed that if the visible things are in the stomach, it can be seen whether they work or not.”

Rafiq Shikder said, “There was a problem with my mother, Rawshan Ara’s left kidney. There were infections in the urinary tract. But the right kidney was perfectly good.”

“She has no diabetes, no high pressure. There is no additional disease. There was an infection in her left kidney in which she was supposed to get completely healed after surgery,” he added.

Rafiq Shikder claims, “When my mother admitted to hospital, physician Mamun’s mother was admitted there. Her two kidneys were failed. And now she is completely healthy. I want to know where they found two kidneys? We are a soldier of Bangabandhu’s ideals all over the world. I want a fair trial. ”