Alexa New ‘Taka 1 ’ to release tomorrow 

Dhaka, Saturday   21 September 2019


New ‘Taka 100’ to release tomorrow 

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 11:35 AM, 6 March 2019   Updated: 12:22 PM, 6 March 2019

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File Photo

In order to strengthen the security features of the high-value currency, the quality coated lasting 100 percent cotton paper ‘Uv Curing Varnish’ has been printed on the new Taka 100 note. 

The note will be issued from Bangladesh Bank of Motijheel and later from other branches on Thursday. 

Signed by Governor Fazle Kabir, the measurement of the new Taka 100 note is 140 x 62 millimeter. In the new note, the existing design and color of the Taka 100 note are unchanged. Varnish plaque has been added on both sides of the note. As a result, the note will be shinier and increase its stability.

Also, while using this note, users of the note will feel a bit slippery, as it did not feel like the previous note. 

All the previous features of the Taka 100 note in the varnish currency will remain intact. Along with the newly printed notes, the existing Taka 100 notes will continue as valid banknotes.