Nearly  24 million recover from COVID-19 globally ...

Dhaka, Thursday   22 October 2020

Nearly  24 million recover from COVID-19 globally 

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 Published: 10:36 PM, 24 September 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

More than 32.1million people have been diagnosed with coronavirus worldwide so far. Of them, nearly one million have died from the pandemic. 7,397,371 of the COVID-19 infected are currently undergoing treatment and 62,397 (1%) are in critical condition. However, the positive news is that nearly  24 million of the COVID-19 patients have already recovered from the disease. 

The coronavirus, that first reported in China late last year, is now affecting 213 countries and territories around the world and two international conveyances.

Although the virus has spread from China, the United States, Europe and Latin America have been the hardest hit. 

According to worldometers data, 4,700,625 people has been cured from the COVID-19 in India, the highest for a country in the world while a total of 4,400,872 recovered in the United States that placing USA at second place. Nevertheless, Brazil has 3,992,886 recovery cases, at third, while 80,513 people have recovered from the deadly virus in China.   

Meanwhile, the number of people recovering from coronavirus is also increasing in Bangladesh. According to the latest data, 260,390 people in Bangladesh have recovered from Covid-19.