Alexa Nayan`s last SMS to Minni

Dhaka, Tuesday   17 September 2019


Nayan`s last SMS to Minni

 Borguna Correspondent

 Published: 04:39 PM, 15 August 2019  

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Police have recovered information about Minni's conversations with Nayan Bond before and after the murder through information technology. Minni becomes the main accused from the main witness in the Rifat murder case, mainly because of technology.

Police have pulled up investigations into the murder case of Rifat Sharif of Barguna. Although not this week, police will submit a report of the Rifat murder investigation any day next week.

A member of the Barguna district police, who did not want to dissclose his name, said that Minni secretly used the mobile phone number registered named after Nayan Bond mother. Nayan Bond gave this sim to Minni. Mainly after marriage with Rifat Sharif, the SIM was used secretly by Minni to maintain confidentiality for various reasons including contact with Nayan. Minnie also spoke to Nayan with a few more numbers.

He also said that Minni spoke for six seconds by calling Nayan Bond with the number at 9:08am on the day of murder. Minni called Nayan Bond again with the number at 9:35am and talked 35 seconds. Then at 9:58am, Nayan Bond called to Minni. The conversation between Minni and Noon Bond was 40 seconds.

Then, around 10:15am, Nayan Bond and his men attacked Rifat Sharif in front of the college. Nayan Bond sent an SMS to Minni shortly after 11:31am. Then again at 3pm, he called Minni and talked to her 20 seconds.

A member of Barguna District Police said police had recovered the number, calllist and SMS content of Minni and Nayan Bonds for the investigation. Then they have been scrutinized. Investigations revealed that after Rifat Sharif was dead, Nayan Bond sent an SMS to Minnie. That SMS sent some time ago at 4pm said, "My father is give to birth me."

"We have talked to Minnie while she was on remand to unveil the mystery of sending such an SMS by Nayan Bond," said a policeman who did not want to disclose his name. Then Minni told us about this when planning to kill Rifat Sharif, Minni told to Nahon Bond, "If you can kill Rifat Sharif, then I think that you give birth to by your father."

Originally, to respond to Minni's statement, after the death of Rifat, Nayan Bond sent Minni the SMS. Minni told police that the matter would be told in court, but she did not confess it to court.

A witness to the marriage of Minni and Nayan Bond, who did not wt to disclose his name said that Nayan Bond himself used the number registered in the name of his mother. Nayan Bond later changed that number.

He also said Minnie was drug-addicted. That's why she kept a close eye with Nayan. As both of them were drug addict they became closer with each other within a very short time.

Meanwhile, Minni's bail application produced before a senior Judicial Magistrate Court of Barguna, Barguna District and Sessions Judge Court and High Court. But no court granted bail to Minni.

Rifat Farazi, number two accused in the murder case, Rishan Farazi, number three, Rabbi Akan, number six, and Tiktok, 12, confessed to Minni's involvement in the murder. In addition, Minni herself confessed to the court that she was involved in the Rifat murder.

Golam Mostafa Qader, Advocate of Minni of the Barguna Court, said that during the hearing of Minni's bail in the Barguna District and Sessions Judge Court on July 30, plaintiffs and the state court presented footage of Minni and Nayan Bonds with footage of CC cameras and conversion.

A bench comprising Deputy Attorney General Rezaul Karim, High Court Justice Sheikh Md. Zakir Hossain and Justice Md. Mostafizur Rahman presented the information of Minni and Nayan Bonds conversation before the court. During the hearing, the defendants could not present sufficient evidence against the grounds on which the accused presented the court's statement for grant of bail.

Officer-in-charge of Burguna Sadar Police Station investigating the case. Humayun Kabir said the investigation into the Rifat murder case is almost over. Police are preparing for the last moment of filing an investigation report.