Native fish stocks running out...

Dhaka, Friday   25 June 2021

Native fish stocks running out

 Belabo (Narsingdi) Correspondent

 Published: 08:52 PM, 8 June 2021   Updated: 08:59 PM, 8 June 2021

Native fish stocks are running out

Native fish stocks are running out

A huge number of fishes could be found in canals and beels of eight UP’s of Belabo upazila in Narsingdi. But as time passes, the stock of native fishes is running out day by day.

Many think that the natural birth of fish has been interrupted due to the use of current nets, vessel nets and other illegal means, resulting in the widespread extinction of native fishes.

Instead of native fishes, there is now a market for various fishes farmed in ponds or enclosures. Native fish such as Anabas (Koi), Heteropneustes, Olive barb, Wallago Attu are almost extinct from the market.  

There are still innumerable canals, beels and ponds in the upazila where native fishes were born naturally, however, artificial fish has been farming there currently. Fishermen have not been getting many domestic fishes for the last few years.

Fisherman Sajal Das said the three of them could not catch even 10kg of fishes. “I have caught this small amount of fishes from all the beels, rivers and canals,” he added.

According to experts, climate change, natural disasters, and the use of over half a dozen species of harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers in crop fields are causing the extinction of domestic fishes. 

Currently, due to the extreme crisis and high prices, buying domestic fish has become the dream for the poor and middle class. 

The fisheries scientists said even a few years ago there were numerous species of native fish. But due to various man-made obstacles, many species of these fish are no longer visible. 

Moreover, during the monsoon season, the existence of various species of native freshwater fish is becoming extinct due to large-scale catching fishes with eggs from rivers, canals and beels through current nets.