National bird Doyle endangered...

Dhaka, Wednesday   27 October 2021

National bird Doyle endangered

 Jhalokati Correspondent Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 10:41 PM, 12 July 2018  

At one time, birds were found in the fields of grasslands, forests, and trees in the country including national bird Doyel (Magpai). Now it is not possible to see the birds of like past. There is now almost no way the village`s path is in the vicinity of the bird. Bird`s wild scenes are changing in the forest.

Different kinds of birds including Doyel is endangered because of environmental pollution, the cutting of indiscriminate trees, the use of pesticides in the field, the bird`s field and the food crisis and climate change.

The retired headmaster of South Shouting Village in Kanthalia Rezaul Karim said a few years ago people woke up hearing the birds twitter. Then it was dawn. Now the bird`s duck is lost, now the birds do not have to call in the trees.

Md. Kamal Hossain Howlader said that the birds and the birds associated with the history and tradition of the country fascinated the people, the birds were gradually lost. Especially Doyel birds do not match anymore.

Talking to some older people, it is known that the birds, Doyle, manna, cuckoo, shalik, sparrow, and other birds of the country are fascinated by the tunes of the rural areas, bills, bushes, trees, gardens, or gardens.

The bird`s twittering cannot be heard anymore. In the morning and afternoon bamboo jam mongo tree, szina tree, the bird that was always seen on the roof of the house and can not be seen. Especially the national bird is not as visible as Doyle. So many birds of prey are seen to observe birds in their homesteads.

Bird feather Md. Jalil Khan said on the way to the extinction of various species of birds including Doyle. The new generation does not see the bird, as well as the forests in the violence of the hunters, have become forested. So forced to observe some species of birds in the house. So that the new generation can know about birds.

Md. Zakir Hossain said that due to the use of insecticides on the ground in many cases birds are dying. Birds are not able to expand due to decreasing food crisis and habitat. The bird is going down.

In the hope of higher profits, poachers are hunting birds for selling them in the market. But there is no such activity in the administration.

Kanthalia forest officer Alamgir Hossain said in the winter season there are some isolated things of bird hunting. There is no other time than that. Although wild animals and livestock have a small food problem in the habitat, the Forest Department is working to protect coastal forests. If the forest is preserved, animals, birds and wildlife will also be protected.

Meanwhile, if there is no immediate step to protect coastal forests and ecosystems with the use of pesticides in the agricultural fields, environmentalists will feel that the birds of the indigenous species will be abolished along with the national bird.

Daily Bangladesh/Sohug