‘Nani’ providing health care on cycle at 92 ...

Dhaka, Tuesday   26 January 2021

‘Nani’ providing health care on cycle at 92 

 Rasib Mostafa, Jinnatul Islam Jinna  daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 05:25 PM, 17 June 2019   Updated: 05:26 PM, 17 June 2019

Zahiron Beowa; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Zahiron Beowa; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The women of Bangladesh are not lagging behind anymore. They have been keeping pace with the world with hard work, talent, and expertise. They are already at the top of success with audacious and challenging activities.

This continuation is not only in the city but also in the upazilas and remote villages, in various activities and human services. We have heard stories of many women succeeding in their own bravery and fighting. But today we will tell a different story.

Everyone in the village known her as ‘Nani’ (grandmother). She is Zahiron Beowa. Though she is now 92 year of age, her heart’s enthusiasm, courage, the skill of work, and expertise have not diminished. Even local MP is unknown to some villagers, but Nani Zahiron Beowa is a well-known name to all of the villagers.  

Zahiron Beowa, 92, wife of late Sayed Ali of Taluk Dulali village, located on the outskirts of Bhelabari UP of Aditmari upazila of Lalmonirhat district. Four years before the Great Liberation War, the woman broke down due to her husband’s death and started a struggling life with three boys and one daughter. She again broke down with the death of his her eldest son, Danesh Ali, 68. This fighter woman is still active and hardworking and lived with her younger son Torab Ali’s family.   

The country has got independence, but she always had the thought of distress to run the family. By ignoring the society, in 1968, Zahiron received six months training in health care and family planning under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and then joined Kaliganj Health Complex in the contractual monthly wage.  

She uses bicycles to provide health care to the villagers. After 10 years of working, she went to retirement with the monthly salary of Tk 500. But could not sit at home. 

Zahiron Beowa; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Zahiron Beowa told Daily Bangladesh, “I only provide medical care for common diseases such as fever, headaches, vomiting, physical weaknesses. I do not any fee for medical treatment, but I sell medicines at market price. It earns around Tk 150 per day.”

“There are more than 2000 families in 30 villages of Aditmari upazila. Every day, I go to 70 homes of at least seven villages and inquiries their health,” she also said claiming that she has not been infected in the last 50 years. 

The villagers of Aditmari said that they see Zahiron Beowa has been going to the villages to villages on cycle for the last 45 to 50 years and providing health care to poor patients. And she never took fees from us. Even medicines are given free of charge, they said.  

They said that he is the grandmother of all the villagers. Everyone calls him as Nani (grandmother). Many people also adored her as ‘Buri Nani’. Everyone in our village knows Zahiron Beowa in one name, even some people do not know about the local MP. 

They also said that many people have advised to the grandmother - ‘Nani, you have become old, leave bicycling now, leave home and go home, take rest, who knows what happens on the road’. But we heard that grandmother doesn’t care those, she only says, “It has become my habit.” 

Zahiron Beowa; Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Bhelabari UP chairman Muhammad Ali told Daily Bangladesh, “Zahiron Beowa keeps herself happy and always keeps villagers happy with smiling joy. So, she is popular among the people of the village. She is everyone’s grandmother, ‘the grandmother of Bengal’.  We call her ‘Bengali Grandmother’ and she becomes very happy to hear that.”

We may have read in the book about Begum Rokeya, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale - but Zahiron Beowa is nothing less than those who are hiding behind such hinds. Some of them spread the light of the scope through their work, some of them are the enlightened servants like grandmother Nani.