Nandail railway service on British structure...

Dhaka, Sunday   26 September 2021

Nandail railway service on British structure

 Md. Abu Hanif Sarkar, Nandail

 Published: 09:33 PM, 5 November 2019   Updated: 02:53 PM, 12 November 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The demand for railway services is increasing day by day, but no improvement is seen in passenger services. In Mymensingh, two railway stations of Nandail upazila are undergoing services still on British infrastructure. Passengers have to face severe suffering in the Nandail Road Railway Station of Chandipasha union and Musulli Railway Station due to the miserable condition of the station. But the authorities avoided liability with the excuse of financial scarcity.

Station Master Imam Hossain who joined about three months ago, said, “There are- a 4th Grade Master, an In-charge, 2 Point-man and 2 Gatemen at Nandail Road Railway Station.” Asking about the two rail stations, he said, “Nandail Road Rail Station is a B-Class Station and Musulli is a D-Class Station and there are 8 trains move through these stations.”

In-charge Matiur Rahman said, “The infrastructure meant here that the British made control room, Stationmaster office, and the residence for the officers were. No further improvement yet happened.”

“The manpower crisis is also increasing day by day. There is no manpower at the Musulli station except two Gatemen. Only two local trains of the ‘Bhairab-Mymensingh’ route, stopover here.

The distance from Nandail Road Station to Kishoreganj is 16 km, Mymensingh is 54 km. How will the service quality be increased in this situation?”

The train- ‘Nasirabad’ from Mymensingh, leaves Nandail Road Station at 8:55 am and arrives at Chattogram at 9:05 pm, which takes 12 hours and 10 minutes. On the same road, it takes 7 hours and 20 minutes to reach Chattogram on the same road by Inter-City Bijoy.

Nandail Road Railway Station building was cracked and plaster was collapsed, which is very risky for the people. No fan and necessary seats are there for the Passengers. The condition of public toilets is even worse.

Even there is no shade at the station, so the passengers have to suffer in extreme rain or sun heat. Nandail Road Station is the only public depending place of Kendua Upazila of Netrakona, Kishoreganj’s Tarail upazilla, besides about 4 lakh people of 5 unions and one municipality of Nandail Upazila. They demand overall quality development of the station.

In this regard, Anwarul Abedin Khan Tuhin, MP of Nandail constituency, said, “I have spoken in the parliament demanding up-gradation of Nandail Road Railway Station to an A-class station, building the necessary infrastructure, and demanded the interval here for the Inter-city Bijoy Express." His efforts are being continued, he claimed.