Alexa Nak fozli’s increasing demand across the country

Dhaka, Sunday   18 August 2019


Nak fozli’s increasing demand across the country

 Toriqul Islam Jhento, Naogaon

 Published: 07:21 PM, 28 June 2019  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Naogaon's Nak fozli mango has been known throughout the country. Nak Fozli mango has been popular around the Barendra area for its unique test. Besides, its demand is increasing gradually. Farmers are being more interested to cultivate this variety of mango in their orchard.

In Bangladesh, this mango is being cultivated in more than 50 of the upazilas including Naogaon’s  Dhamirhat, Badolgachhi, Raninagar, Porsha, Sapahar etc.


It’s learnt that, due to the shape of this variety of mango flattened as like as nose, it’s named as ‘Nak (nose) Fozli mango. Its thin skin and tinny beans that differ from other mango. It is delicious to eat. Besides, its remains enough solid even after fully ripped. As a result it is more market friendly than other variety o0f Fozli. A matured mango’s weight is from 300 to 400 grams.

Local sources said, in 1967, a local resident named Aftab Hossain Bhandari had started its expansion in Dhamirhat upazila for the first time. Each 3-4 years old mango tree, about 4-5 mounds of mango can be earned every year. In rural areas, Nak Fozli were sold at a rate of Tk35-40 per kg. After the demand increases, every kilogram of this mango is sold in Tk50 to 60.

Speaking to first Nak Fozli introducer, Aftab Hossain Bhandari, the reporter came to know that, his grand pa had collected this variety of mango’s plant from the landlord Khukumini Lahiri of Bhandarpur village. Landlord Khukumini Lahiri collected this variety mango from Calcutta of India.

Abdul Kader, the mango farmer of Nawapara village of Dhamairhat, said that people are paying advance money for the purchase of this mango from different places, although there is no demand of this mango earlier.

Abdul Hannan, a mango farmer of Sapahar Patari village, said that cultivating this mango is easy and beneficial because it has very poor riskm, of insecticide attack. Those who once tasted this mango, he must request the farmers for collecting it again. The people of the districts outside the region, cannot taste this delicious mango due to lack of familiarity. But now people of different regions including Dhaka are being connected in different ways and started to enjoy it. At present, the demand of these mango is increasing in different areas across the country.

District Agriculture officer, Selim Reza said, Nak fozli mango is quite unique from other variety. To branding this variety of mango, efforts are being made in various ways including billboards. After meeting the demand of this area, initiatives have been taken to supply mango to various places of the country including Dhaka. Attempts are being made to export through the trade process.