NATO warns Chinese military drilling; China denounces...

Dhaka, Monday   02 August 2021

NATO warns Chinese military drilling; China denounces

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 Published: 12:08 PM, 15 June 2021   Updated: 01:01 PM, 15 June 2021

Flag of China; Photo: Collected

Flag of China; Photo: Collected

The NATO summit has started in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. China is at the center of the talks on the first day of the conference on Monday. At the time, NATO leaders warned of recent military drilling in China.

Reuters reported on Monday that the G-7, an economic alliance of affluent countries, has issued a statement calling for the “human rights of Uyghurs Muslims in Xinjiang, China,” and for Hong Kong’s autonomy. China has vehemently denied the allegations, saying these issues are their “internal affairs”.

In response to the statement, the Chinese embassy in London said Beijing was unhappy with what had been said against China about Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The statement distorted the actual situation, reflecting the evil attitude of some countries, including the United States.

The Covid-19 pandemic is still raging around the world. The global economy is in recession. In such a situation, the world community should establish “unity and cooperation” among all countries instead of creating divisions by displaying the politics of power, the Chinese embassy in London said.

Earlier on Sunday, China warned the leaders of the G-7 economic alliance, saying that those days are gone that a small group would decide the fate of the world. “We have always believed that big or small, strong or weak, poor or rich - all are equal. the world matter should be handled through consultation with all countries,” said a Chinese spokesman.

G-7 consists of the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Japan. It is learned that the leaders of the G-7 member countries have adopted a plan to help low-middle income companies build better infrastructure. This year’s G8 conference is being held in Cornwall, England.