‘Mystery’ woman with Pathao’s co-founder Fahim’s killer Haspil!...

Dhaka, Thursday   24 September 2020

‘Mystery’ woman with Haspil: Police assumes her involvement in killing Pathao’s co-founder Fahim!

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 Published: 07:13 PM, 18 July 2020   Updated: 07:16 PM, 18 July 2020

Mystery woman with Fahim’s killer Haspil; Photo: Coillected

Mystery woman with Fahim’s killer Haspil; Photo: Coillected

Police have arrested the personal assistant named Tyrese Devon Haspil for the killings of Fahim Saleh, co-founder of Pathao and a young Bangladeshi entrepreneur. However, a young woman was seen with the arrested personal assistant and the Daily Mail described her as ‘Mysterious’.

After the murder of Fahim, the accused Haspil was seen leaving the apartment on Crosby Street in Manhattan, US on July 15 at noon. That video from the CCTV camera has been recovered.

Detectives claim Fahim Saleh was killed in his luxurious apartment in Manhattan on July 13, local time.

The killer left the first day after the murder, however, came back to the apartment the next day. He then cut Fahim Saleh’s body into several pieces with an electric saw and tried to fill them in a bag. He also tried to remove the bloodstain at that time. 

New York police investigation the motive of the incident. Fahim Saleh’s personal assistant, Tyrese Devon Haspil, was later arrested. Haspil’s new home is less than a mile from the scene – where the young woman can be seen.

CCTV camera footages show the young woman walking to the left of Haspil wearing a T-shirt. She is wearing a black dress.

Accused Haspil originally lived in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. But he hid in an apartment on Crosby Street in Manhattan. It is believed that he rented it for a short time.

As for the video that came in the hands of the Daily Mail, it is an exclusive video. Haspil was seen on Crosby Street with the girl at 12.30 am local time on Wednesday. 

The incident has raised questions about the young woman. The New York Police Department declined to comment in detail on whether she had been called in for questioning.

A police official said Fahim Saleh was brutally hacked to death after being hit with an electric teaser gun. The killer, wearing a black suit, white shirt and tie, and black mask, entered the apartment behind Fahim Saleh.

Meanwhile, Haspil has been arraigned in federal court in Manhattan. A virtual hearing is being held in the court. Electric saws and cleaning equipment used to dismember Fahim’s body were recovered from the apartment where Fahim was killed.