Mystery behind secretary general’s “Magic Box”...

Dhaka, Friday   23 October 2020

Irregularities in shooting federation

Mystery behind secretary general’s “Magic Box”

 SI Rasel

 Published: 07:46 PM, 8 September 2020   Updated: 07:51 PM, 8 September 2020

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Shooting Sports Federation has been officially allowed and made strict policies to keep the arms and ammunition that is used for shooting sports and shooters. However, arms warehouses are being used ignoring those policies – where the name of Intekhabul Hamid Apu, secretary general of the federation, is also highlighting here as there is a “box” of his in the arms depot. Only he knows what is in this – which is also called his “Magic Box”.

What is this ‘Magic Box’ of secretary general? 

While visiting the federation’s arms store, there was a ‘locked trunk’ owned by secretary general Intekhabul Hamid Apu was found. However, there was no specification about the box in the list. Even the inquiry committee was not allowed to open or see the box.

Weapons in stock

Personal legal weapons can be deposited in the Bangladesh Shooting Sports Federation with a certain amount of charge. As per that, 13 weapons of 7 people are kept in the vault – which is mentioned in the investigation report. There are also many air rifles, pistols, point-to-bore rifles found outside the stock list which was collected from various clubs as a loan before 2012. 

Arms and ammunition store verification

There are government rules for arms and ammunition store verification every year. As per that, a four-member sub-committee formed led by Ziauddin Ahmed, deputy secretary general of the Federation, at the meeting of the executive council to verify the store of arms and ammunition from July 16 to September 15, 2019. The committee verified the store for two months and submitted a report to the president. In the report, they said there were many “inconsistencies”.

Intekhabul Hamid Apu, secretary general of Bangladesh Shooting Sport Federation

What are these “inconsistencies”? 

The inquiry committee has found massive irregularities by searching the registrar books and arms of the Shooting Federation’s arms depot. 

Although there are 60 fireworks, 12 bore damaged bullets, they are not in the stock registrar, however, they are in the BKSP’s list, said the stock in-charge.

Point 177 Air Pistol Hammerli AP-20 has 3 in stock but 2 are available and one is used by one of the shooters, but there were no written documents. Besides, Point 177 Air Rifle Hammerli AP-20 has 6 in stock but 5 are available and only one is used by one of the shooters which also has no written documents.

However, no 38 grams of 60 bullets of Remington No. 6 were not found. Instead, 36 grams of 60 bullets of RC No. 6 was available. There were four ERMA 10 shots, the pistol magazine, instead of 2. On the other hand, three S&W Pistol Magazine No. 652 was found instead of 5.

It was seen that the total number is correct but the item is not correct.

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Earlier in the registrar’s book, there were 300 Lapua Scenar bullets was mentioned, but suddenly it became 1428 as extra 1128 Lapua Scenar bullets have been shown mysteriously. However, it was not shown how it was added.

The stock registrar’s book of the warehouse shows that 40 bullets of 12 bore were sold on September 18, 2012. No receipt for the sale of these is recorded in the stock registrar’s book. There is no account of the 200 shots of Lapua Rapid Fire on the same date. Even, 228 shots of Lapua Plinker were also not found.

Meanwhile, 1000 air pellets were allotted against invoice-2153 in 2013 which was shown as 1200 in stock. 60,000 points of Tutu Hollow bullets were imported in 2014 through LC. But 60,200 have been written in-stock books. Earlier, no stock registrar was found for the 200-point Tutu Hollow.

Besides, the return of 24,600 points of Tutu Hollow bullets was shown from the Advance Practice Camp in 2016 but that were found as “unusual” because the training camp is not supposed to have such a large stockpile of ammunition.

Shooters busy shooting; File Photo

In the national shooting competition, there was a demand for 1000 12-bar skits but 1036 were supplied. This demand letter does not have any approval and signature of the secretary general. Even though an additional 36 shots were fired, no signature of the recipient was taken.  

The inquiry committee has commented that there were irregularities in the warehouse stock registrar books.

“We have found a lot of inconsistencies between the arms and ammunition in the federation and the registrar books,” said Ziauddin Ahmed, deputy secretary general of the federation and head of the inquiry committee.  

In some cases, the numbers are right but the arms or ammunition items are not right, he also said, adding, “We also found a locked trunk of the secretary general. We didn’t even know what was in it. I have submitted the report. The decision will be taken by the executive committee.”  

The mysterious magic box

When asked the secretary general about the ‘Magic Box’, he did not comment about the matter. “If you want to take the box, you have to show the EC committee’s legal papers of the weapons or bullets in the trunk,” Intekhabul Hamid Apu said. 

Some federation officials speculate that there may be something illegal in the box. That’s why the secretary general doesn’t want to open the box. 

Final decision on the box

In the last meeting of the executive committee, the secretary general was asked to resolve the issue by showing the legal and valid paperwork of the arms or ammunition stored in the trunk by August 18. If not, the meeting decided to inform the Dhaka Deputy Commissioner to make an inventory of the arsenal.

However, the secretary general did not respond to the request. Therefore, after the stipulated time, the Dhaka Deputy Commissioner was informed to make an inventory of the arsenal. No decision has been made yet.

Nazim Uddin Chowdhury, president of Bangladesh Shooting Sports Federation, said the secretary general did not respond to the request of the executive committee. Therefore, the matter has been informed to the Dhaka deputy commissioner. They will now decide how to do it.