Mystery behind ‘Thoughts of Shams’ characters ...

Dhaka, Friday   23 October 2020

Mystery behind ‘Thoughts of Shams’ characters 

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 Published: 07:47 PM, 12 October 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The short video-content-creator Shams Afroz Chowdhury, known as ‘Thoughts of Shams’, popular face on social media, got popularity by posting her funny video contents on Facebook and Youtube as these have millions of views, thousands of shares. 

In 2018, Shams started making short videos and posting them on Facebook with a view of removing frustration. Now that hobby has become a profession. She has become a full-fledged content creator. Shams herself played various roles in the family videos. Shams, Shamsu, Kulsum, Nani, Ma, Baba — besides acting in all the roles, she herself also does video editing. 

Shams Afroz says about the mystery of the characters of "Thoughts of Shams', " Every character is not just mine, but all around us. There are many such characters in the house of Bengali including Ammajan, Shamsu Bhai, Shams, Kulsum. I try to make fun of our real-life events. I make videos with the whole of Bangladesh in mind; So that the people of the country can match the video I made with their own lives."  

In the replying of question - which of these characters is your own favorite? Shams said: "Honestly, my Shamsu character is very likened. Sometimes I think if I really would have such a brother! I don't have any siblings, so I become very wailing seeing Shamsu."

There have many interesting stories with these videos. In this regard Shams said: "Let me share an interesting experience. Once, I was shooting Ammazan on my veranda. Outside at that time, two college students were shouting – Ammazan! Ammazan, when they were on a rickshaw! At first, I was scared, then I fell so fun in this."

The beginning videos of Shams Afroz can't be found more characters but with passing the days, the more characters are getting in where  every character is very familiar . Shams wants to present more characters for the need of having something new. But this content creator does not want to say what type of new character she will present in near future.