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Mysterious signal from ‘Alien’

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 Published: 05:54 PM, 11 January 2019   Updated: 05:54 PM, 11 January 2019

Daily Bangladesh Desk

Daily Bangladesh Desk

The mysterious signal is coming from a distant planet. The millisecond radio message has been caught in a Canadian telescope. It was not possible to know exactly what kind of message it or exactly where it came from.

The 13 rapid radio signal, known as the FIB, is coming up frequently. It's coming from 150 million light years away. Previously, such a signal was detected in another telescope.

Astronomers are now busy exploring the mysteries of this. A British Columbia's sky Observation Center has four, 100 meters long telescope, which is carried out observation of the North sky every day. Here are 13 radio signals found. The fastest radio signals are 700 megawatts. Some 400 megawatts signals are recorded in Canada.

So far, scientists have received 60 high speed radio signals. Two of them came again and again. The idea of ​​one group, maybe a neutron star with a very magnetic force, or they are two, and mixing together with two neutrons.

However, according to another group, it is the signal sent from the Alien’s spacecraft. Scientists hopeful that more signals will come. The more the signals will come, the more likely they will know.