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Mysterious dragon of Boga Lake

 Salahuddin Ahmed

 Published: 11:22 PM, 17 September 2019   Updated: 11:32 PM, 17 September 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

There has been little myth about dragons in many years, although there is debating whether it has existed or not.Many historians are relentlessly trying to prove the dragons and many fascinating stories are filled with the faces of people. Whatever it is, we usually find the dragon in China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia or Indonesia.But the interesting thing is, there is a dragon myth that surrounds Boga Lake in our country.

Let's find out where the Dragon's relationship with Boga Lake in Bandarban-



Bandarban, the land of natural beauty, and the most beautiful part of this beauty are Boga Lake. This lake is also familiar with ‘The Lake of Mystery’, or ‘Dragon Lake’. In the ages, it has attracted travelers in excellently. The real name of Boga Lake is 'Bagakain Lake', which is locally known as 'Boga Lake'. It is one of the highest freshwater lakes in Bangladesh. Boga Lake is located on the mountain of Keokradong at Ruma Upazila, about 70 km far from Bandarban town. The lake is about 1200 feet above from sea level. The strange structure of Boga Lake is on the[GE1] small hill that is like funnel or jagged shape and reminds many of the volcanic eruptions.


The popular myth of Boga Lake

There was a jagged hill in Bandarban a long time ago. There is a huge difference between the previous Bandarban and the present Bandarban. At that time Bandarban meant dense forest settlement surrounded by inaccessible mountains. There was a tribal group living in the primitive mountains. There were several other indigenous communities including Mro, Bawm, Tanchanga, and Tripura. Suddenly those villages have begun to disappear the cattle and small children.


The village chiefs, the common people, and all were worried. So they take an initiative of investigation. They find out that the last footprints of children or livestock are visible on the jagged shape hill.

Everyone began to imagine that something supernatural had built a nest on the cliff of a mysterious mountain, and the animals and children being attacked by it. A group of brave men comes forward to uncover the real mystery. As they rise to the top of a jagged-shaped mountain and see a huge dragon sitting. Then they have no doubt which reason is behind the incident!

However, there is a different thought with the presence of the dragon. According to this, where Boga Lake is now located, one day a strange animal comes down from the sky. The huge winged creatures flooded the flames again and again and destroying their homes. They were became very nervous. Villagers have to find ways to make this bizarre creature happy. The people of the area give him the name 'Boga'. To appease the dragon they regularly take on different organisms and serve as gifts. Everyone spends the day in a very quiet manner.

All of a sudden, the children in the village go missing one by one. In the beginning, people of one community blame another community. But they understand within a few days, this is not happening to a particular tribe, but to happen with everyone.

This time the arrow of suspicion has come to Boga. Children cannot be saved if they do not destroy the Boga, there is no one left to understand. So a group of brave soldiers was formed from each tribe. The warriors went out with the vow that they would rescue their children, even if they were fighting and jumping in the face of the dragon, betting their lives.

They carried arrows, bows, balsam, sticks, and torches in the night. Seeing the blood and bones on the floor of the cave, they understood what had happened here. The young men jumped on the Boga when it was sleeping before it could show any magic or giving any fountains of flames. Unable to get away with so many warriors, it beginning to find a way to escape. The dragon tried to escape by chariot which was used to come on the cave. But the angry young men of the village set fire to the chariot.

The Boga was burned. However, the last time the fire broke out from its mouth. By the heat of the fire, a massive explosion happened for this the jagged-shape hill and Boga’s cave was vibrant. The hill and cave began to collapse and created a huge hole. This hole is now known as Boga Lake, another name is Dragon Lake.


Origin of Boga Lake

Boga Lake is originated around 2000 years ago. Originally, the word Boga is derived from 'Baga'. Baga means an angry dragon. Now let's get into the context of what geologists say about the origins of Boga Lake. According to them, either the dead volcano ignited or caused the fall of the meteorite from space created Boga Lake. Its water is acidic. It is not possible for any aquatic organism to survive here. No outside water can enter here, and there is no visible source of water around it. Although there is no source of water beside the lake. So it is a mystery how this huge lake was created.


The secret of Boga Lake

The big secret is that the watercolor of Boga Lake is changing. Every year for a strange reason the watercolor of Boga Lake has changed. The strange incident helps to believe the myth strongly for ingenious people.

There are many mysteries to take along the miraculous beauty of Boga Lake. Although there are no fountains, the other reservoirs around the lake have faced the same incident. Along with Boga Lake, the other reservoirs color has changed.

Some people think that there is a warm fountain on the bottom of the lake. When the water comes out of the fountain, the watercolor of the lake changes. Again, many people like indigenous suspect it to be a dead volcano, according to the traditional dragon or myth among the hills. The effects of these dead volcanoes can also change the watercolor of the lake. The depth of the lake has not yet been determined. According to the locals, the depth was 200-250 feet, but the depth was found in the eco meter up to 151 feet.

Many may think these are just stories. There is no other way to know the truth. But the thing is whatever it is, it has something! Because we have many lakes like of Kaptai Lake, Mohamaya Lake, Foy’s

Lake, and many other lakes, but there is no such story! This will help you to believe something about the Boga Lake.