Mysterious! Teen raped, killed and dumped; returns after 49 days...

Dhaka, Sunday   25 October 2020

Mysterious! Schoolgirl gang-raped and dumped as dead, returns alive after 49 days

 Narayanganj Correspondent

 Published: 11:45 AM, 24 August 2020   Updated: 07:02 PM, 24 August 2020

Three accused arrested

Three accused arrested

The schoolgirl's body which was dumped in the river after gang-rape in Narayanganj, has returned alive after 49 days of her missing on the 14 days of the notorious gang-raping. That is what the three accused arrested in the case have testified in court. Three accused are still lodged in Narayanganj jail.

The girl was rescued by her parents from a mobile phone shop in the Nabiganj area of ​​Bandar Police Station on Sunday afternoon and handed over to Narayanganj Sadar Police Station.

The girl said that she ran eloped with her lover. They were living in rented houses in the port.

The teenager’s mother said she had been married to a boy named Iqbal in Kushiara of the Bandar for a month and a half.

Earlier, the fifth-grade student of Deobhog Pakka Road Government Primary School in Narayanganj went missing on July 4. About two weeks after the disappearance, on July 17, her mother went to the Narayanganj Sadar Model Police Station and lodged a missing GD.

The girl's father filed a kidnapping case with the police station on August 8. He mentioned in the case that the accused Abdullah had offered love to his daughter on the way to and from school. He threatened to abduct the girl if she interfered. On the evening of July 4, Abdullah gave my daughter the address over the phone and she went there. She was later abducted by Abdullah and his accomplices. My daughter has not been found since then.

After checking the call list of the girl's mother's mobile, the police found Rakib. Abdullah used to contact the girl through Rakib's mobile number. Abdullah also called with that number on the day of the incident. Police arrested Rakib, Abdullah and boatman Khalil in the incident.

On August 9, Narayanganj Senior Judicial Magistrate Milton Hossain and Judicial Magistrate Ahmed Humayun Kabir testified in a separate court under Section 164. In their confession, they said that the girl was killed after being gang-raped and her body was dumped in the Shitalakshya river.

Autorickshaw driver Rakib was arrested after collecting information from various sources. He was brought to the police station for questioning. On the basis of the information given by him, a kidnapping case was filed with the police station on August 6. Abdullah was then detained. Rakib and Abdullah were later remanded for two days.

Then new information was obtained from Abdullah. Abdullah rented a small boat from Ispahani Ghat with the girl. She (victim) was killed within 12 hours of abduction and the body was dumped in the river.

It is known in their confession that Abdullah called her over the phone, then she came there. And after visiting different places, they go to Ispahani Ghat at 9 pm. Rakib dropped them off and left. Abdullah raped the girl on the boat. At this time the boatman Khalil helped him. The teenager, who was in pain, said she just go home and tell everything, the rapists got scared. Abdullah grabbed her throat and Khalil pressed her legs. Once they left the lifeless body of the girl in the Shitalakshya river and fled.

Narayanganj Sadar Model Police Station OC Asaduzzaman said the girl was rescued around 12:30 pm on Sunday. She is in police custody. However, he did not comment on the confessions of the three arrested earlier.