Alexa ‘Myanmar’s Rohingya repatriation promise a fraudulent act’

Dhaka, Sunday   19 January 2020


‘Myanmar’s Rohingya repatriation promise a fraudulent act’

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 Published: 09:38 AM, 13 December 2019   Updated: 11:26 AM, 13 December 2019



The Gambia has told UN’s highest court on Thursday that Myanmar’s promise of Rohingya repatriation process is a fraudulent act.

The Gambia made the remarks while placing their evidence of Myanmar’s genocidal intent against the Rohingya minorities at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, Netherlands, on Thursday.

In the first phase of the hearing, The Gambia presents their argument and Myanmar will also project their evidence. The court may announce the verdict within the next few weeks.

At the hearing, Gambia’s lawyers told the court that the Rohingya repatriation process of Myanmar was a blatant fraud. He added that in fact, Myanmar is not preparing the field for the Rohingya repatriation from Bangladesh. “Myanmar is capable but unwilling to change the situation in Rakhine state for the safe return of the Rohingya,” a lawyer for the Gambia said.

“Myanmar’s existing discriminatory policies including denial of citizenship, the process of National Verification Card, land confiscation, restrictions on marriages, birth and freedom of movement - all constitute genocidal intent,” he said.

The Gambian lawyer also highlighted the UN report where 392 villages were burnt out. Myanmar accepts the accusation and said that army officers would be brought under trial according to the Myanmar Constitution. Military courts have the jurisdiction to prosecute anyone’s crimes.

The lawyer of the Gambia said that Myanmar not be trusted to prosecute its soldiers for the brutal accusations of Rohingya Muslim minority genocide. As a fact, army will not judge the allegations leveled against itself are evidenced by the statement of Army Chief Min Aung Hlaing. Therefore, Immediate actions are needed to be taken to stop the violence.