Muslims must unite to defeat Israel: Mahathir ...

Dhaka, Thursday   06 August 2020

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Muslims must unite to defeat Israel: Mahathir 

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 Published: 08:32 PM, 4 July 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has said that Muslims around the world must unite to defeat Israel, the biggest enemy of Muslims. 

He also said that Muslims should stop fighting among themselves or attacking the West, and should focus on "the enemy" – Israel.

"I know there are big powers that would like to see instability in Muslim countries," he said. "We are doing things - almost like helping Israel. Because we fight each other, the Israelis don't have to kill Muslims. Muslims are doing it for them."

However, Mr. Mahathir called on Muslims to unite and fight against Jewish terrorism.

"The whole of Israel was created through taking Palestinian land," he said. "That is very wrong. So for that reason, we have always been against the creation of the State of Israel. Unfortunately, the big powers back Israel because they were the ones who created the State of Israel to solve their Jewish problem. They were having a problem in Europe with the Jews, so they wanted to create a homeland for the Jews, and they took Palestinian land."

"Israelis are the enemy of humanity, the enemy of Muslims," Mahathir said, “They are indiscriminately shooting and killing Palestinians for the rest of their land. But the servants of Western humanity are now silent spectators and Muslims are busy fighting among themselves.”

He added that now is the time for Muslim countries to unite and fight against Israel. Otherwise, the Muslim country Palestine will be completely lost from the world map.