Murder after rape: 2 accused to hang on Monday...

Dhaka, Tuesday   26 October 2021

Murder after rape: 2 accused to hang on Monday

 Jashore Correspondent

 Published: 05:36 PM, 1 October 2021  

Jashore Central Jail

Jashore Central Jail

The two convicts who were sentenced to death for raping and killing two friends in Alamdanga, Chuadanga will be executed next Monday. The death convicts are Azizul alias Azid and Mintu alias Kalu.

Tuhin Kanti Khan of Jashore Central Jail confirmed that all preparations have been made for the execution of the accused in Jashore Central Jail. All legal work has already been completed. The death sentence of the two convicts will be executed at 10:45 pm on Monday.

The death convicts are Aziz,  son of Badar Ghatak of Rayalakshmipur village of Alamdanga Upazila and Mintu, son of Ali Him of the same village.

It is learned that two friends of Jorgachha village of Alamdanga police station were killed on September 26, 2003 at Rayalakshmipur ground. The police investigation report states that the victims were raped before the murder.

According to the report, the two women were strangled to death after suffocating by wrapping a towel around their necks. The day after the murder, the victim's daughter filed a murder case with Alamdanga police station against four people.

The other two are Sujan and Mohi from the same village. Accused Mohi died while the case was being tried.

On July 26, 2007, the Chuadanga Women and Child Abuse Suppression Tribunal sentenced Sujan, Aziz and Mintu to death. The accused then appealed to the High Court.

On November 11, 2012, the High Court upheld the lower court's verdict. On February 24 this year, the Appellate Division upheld the verdicts of the two accused and acquitted the other accused Sujan.

Sujan was released from Jashore Central Jail on July 20 of that year. The two death convicts beg the president for mercy, but it was denied.

On September 6, the Department of Homeland Security sent a letter to the Department of Prisons. Jashore Central Jail received the letter on 8 September.

Meanwhile, a source in Jashore jail says that several people including executioner Moshiar and Ketu Kamal are undergoing training for execution. Apart from this, all the preparations including the execution stage have already been completed.

In this regard, Tuhin Kanti Khan of Jashore Central Jail said that an order has been issued to execute the death convicts. The execution of the two accused in the murder case is expected to take place within the next seven days.

He said representatives of the district administration, police administration and civil surgeons would be present during the execution.