Mung bean: Most effective that enhance immunity...

Dhaka, Saturday   12 June 2021

Mung bean: Most effective that enhance immunity

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 Published: 11:50 AM, 6 May 2021  

Mung bean

Mung bean

The second wave of Covid-19 is spreading panic among everyone. Every day new names are being on the list of deaths and infections. Lockdown is underway in the country to tackle this difficult situation so that the risk of infecting with the virus is reduced. However, self-awareness is most important in this difficult situation.

As you know, one of the most important things right now to prevent infection is to increase immunity. Because the stronger your immune system, the more harmful viruses and bacteria will stay away from you.

That is why, to increase immunity, one must first look at eating habits. All foods that should be eaten must be healthy and beneficial. Protein should be included in the daily food list at this time. Besides, it is also important to take vegetable protein. At the beginning of that list are the names of different types of pulses. Pulses help meet the body’s need for protein.

Mung bean is the most effective to increase immunity. It contains a lot of protein. Regular consumption of these pulses increases immunity. It also contains very little fat. For this, excess fat does not accumulate. Besides, these pulses have a lot of fiber, zinc and iron. Here are some of the benefits –

Keeps diabetes away

Mung beans have a glycemic index. These pulses contain GI-38, which is beneficial for diabetes patients. It is rich in protein, fiber and magnesium. These ingredients help keep the body’s insulin and blood sugar levels right.

Prevents heatstroke

There is a fear of heatstroke due to intense heat. Mung beans can help avoid this problem. These pulses have anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent heatstroke and dehydration. Regularly eating soup made with mung beans will help keep you fresh. Besides, it will eliminate dehydration as well.

Reduces weight

Mung bean helps in keeping the body fit by reducing excess weight. The fiber and protein in this help in weight control. Eating mung bean keeps the stomach full for a long time. That is why the tendency to get hungry decreases. These pulses contain proteins needed to repair the body’s cells. So, if you want to lose weight, you can safely eat mung bean.