Mukesh Khanna dismisses his death rumours...

Dhaka, Saturday   12 June 2021

Mukesh Khanna dismisses his death rumours

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 Published: 06:10 PM, 12 May 2021  

Mukesh Khanna dismisses his death rumours

Mukesh Khanna dismisses his death rumours

Veteran Indian film and television actor Mukesh Khanna has dismissed the rumours about his death, insisting that he is safe and healthy. The 62-year-old actor took to social media on Tuesday after rumours started doing the rounds that he was no more.

Posting a short video on Facebook, Khanna also said that he has not tested positive for coronavirus.

“I am here to inform you all that I am perfectly alright. I am very well. I am here to dismiss the rumours, I have been asked to refute them and that is what I want to do,” the actor said.

Khanna, best known for starring in superhero show “Shaktimaan” and playing Bhishma Pitamaha in television series “Mahabharata”, expressed anger over the fake news.

“I also wish to condemn those who spread such rumours. This is a problem with social media. “What should be the treatment for such mentally unstable people? Who will punish their misdeeds? Enough is enough. Now it is too much. There should be a stop on such fake news,” the actor added.

In the caption for the video, Khanna said he has not been diagnosed with COVID-19.

“With your blessings, I am completely healthy and safe. I don’t have COVID-19 and I was not admitted to any hospital. “I don’t know who created this rumour and I don’t know what is the intention of those who spread such rumours. They tamper with people’s emotions with such false news,” he wrote.

In March, Khanna was among the celebrities who took their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and had urged other people to follow suit.