Moyna’s existence known after 12-year of missing...

Dhaka, Saturday   08 May 2021

Moyna’s existence known after 12-year of missing

 Shariatpur Correspondent

 Published: 10:05 PM, 21 October 2020   Updated: 10:16 PM, 21 October 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

In 2006, due to poverty in the family, father Yunus sent his only daughter Moyna as a housemaid. In the first two months, Moyna was happy with the family of Moslem Uddin Hawlader, who lived at a rented house in Savar. But as she couldn’t bear the torture by Moslem Uddin Hawlader, his wife Shiria Begum, daughter Munmun Akhter and brother-in-law Dulal Khan, in 2008 she fled the house. Since then, many searches have been done for the missing Moyna. Finally, after 12 years Moyna existence has been known.

Moyna Begum is the daughter of Yunus Bepari of Nazimpur village in Vedharganj upazila of Shariatpur. On February 28, 2011, three years after the girl's disappearance, Moyna's father, Yunus, filed a kidnapping and trafficking case against Moslem Uddin, Shiria, Munmun Akter and Dulal Khan at the Shariatpur Women and Child Abuse Tribunal.

Moslem Uddin Hawladar's native home is in Digambarpatri village of Naria upazila of Shariatpur. Moslem Uddin brought the Moyna for his rented house in Savar, Dhaka.

Moyna Begum claimed that at the age of 11 her father's family was in dire straits. She worked at Moslem Uddin's house in Savar with a salary of one thousand rupees. After two months, Moslem Uddin, his wife Shiria, daughter Munmun and brother-in-law Dulal used to beat him for trivial reasons. Four months after being hired, they let their parents talk on their mobile phones once. No more contact held then.

According to Moyna, one day the daughter from that house was taken to school. The girl left her and went home after school holidays. After returning home in the evening, Moslem Uddin, Shiriya, Munmun and Dulal beat her brutally with sticks. As she was unable to bear the pain, she fled the house the next day (December 21, 2008). However, as she could not say her home address, she got on a bus from Savar.

After changing a few buses she reached Rajbari. She was crying sitting at the bus stand. Suddenly an old man rescued her and took her home. Moyna called the elderly man as ‘father’. She also worked in that house. After three years, Moyna got married to Masudur Rahman of Sengram in Rajbari. She later gave birth to a son Monir Hossain Munna and a daughter Sumaiya Akhter.

On Tuesday (October 20), she was taken to the police station at night when she was traveling from Rajbari to Naria in Shariatpur.

According to the case and local sources, after Moyna went missing on December 21, 2008, the family searched for her in different places. On February 28, 2011, Moyna's father Yunus filed a case with the Shariatpur Women and Child Abuse Tribunal. Moslem Uddin, Shiria, Munmun Akhter and Dulal Khan were made accused in the case. They were charged with kidnapping and trafficking. They were in jail, and later got bail.

Naria police chief Md. Hafizur Rahman said the police recovered the Moyna from Kanchanpara in Naria Bijhari village on the night of October 20 on basis a tip-off. Two children of Moyna, who fled voluntarily, were also rescued. They were sent to court on Wednesday afternoon. In this incident, some people have been harassed in false cases for 10 years.